3 Cold Weather Beauty Essentials + Giveaway

I know this is going to sound all kinds of attractive but as soon as the temperatures dip below 50, my ends become split, my nails become brittle and my skin loses all function to retain moisture for longer than an hour (hello 50 shades of ash gray). But even though I’m not freezing it out on the east coast this year, or God forbid dealing with the frigid temps of Minnesota, I haven’t lost my habit for finding and using good products that help keep my hair, skin and nails fortified all winter long.

Not only do I love these products because they do wonders for what they’re “prescribed” to work on but also because they often treat more than one area (hair, skin, nails) at a time. With that, here are three of my favorite double duty beauty products that are essential to get through the cold weather.

100% Coconut oil: This stuff is like sent straight from gates of hydration heaven. It’s rich in vitamin E and helps to hydrate and protect your skin and your hair. I like to apply it on those really dry areas of skin (e.g. elbows and knees) and apply a tad on my hair to leave it shiny without weighed down. Read: you really don’t need a lot, so buy a jar this stuff while last a while.

cold weather beauty essential extra virgin coconut oil

Biotin: Do me a favor, will ya? Get in your car right now, drive to the nearest Trader Joes and pick up a bottle of biotin. Will any brand of biotin work? Probably. But I’m a huge fan of this particular brand. For real, this stuff is AH-MAZING. It’s not only a triple whammy that treats your hair, skin and nails, but also it’s inexpensive and vegan. So you can feel good about what’s your putting into your body. It doesn’t get any better than that, right? Side Note: Buy this from the store instead of from Amazon, it’s roughly $9.

cold weather beauty essential Trader Joes Biotin

Cocoa butter [stick]: Not only is a cocoa butter good for treating any blemishes or stretch marks but it’s also great for healing dry, chapped lips. And if you get a cocoa butter stick, you can have it on the go, just as you would a tube of chapped stick.

cold weather beauty essential Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick

And because I believe in these products so much, I am giving all three of them away to one lucky winner! YAY.

You can enter the giveaway here. Full terms and conditions can be found when you enter. However, you must be 18+ and a US resident (so sorry my dear international friends). I will notify the randomly selected winner by email [from thepathtomecca dot com] to schedule the shipment of the prize pack. Good luck!

PS – This is not a sponsored post. I just want to share the love!

14 thoughts on “3 Cold Weather Beauty Essentials + Giveaway

  1. Omg you have not said it any better “50 shades of ashy grey” 🙂 I have noticed using coconut butter definitly helps smooth and moisten my skin. Because when old man winter comes along he just sucks you dry and then you feel itchy. No thank you!! ???? the biotin I will definitly have to try that as my nails are so brittle. Anything coconut is AH-MAZING I use certain hair essentials for my curly hair as well plus since it’s winter I like to change it up and straighten it for the few months of winter. Awesome give a way!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I hear you on the cold weather dryness! I told M he was looking homeless from the knees down the other day he was so ashy. I’m going to pick up the stick and the oil stat for me and the littles.

    1. You literally have me LOL with your Marv comment. Ha! You only need a small amount of the coconut oil and even though it looks hard in the container, it melts the second it’s in your hands. I tested a small amount since it is a nut oil and I wasn’t sure how my skin would handle but it’s perfect for those rough patches (e.g. M’s knees). 🙂 hope you’re feeling better! Xo

      1. I have used the oil before. On the bump when I was preg and also as a deep condition for me and Iz’s hair. I was like a pantene commercial after! But I want to get organic to use on their skin.

    1. Melanie! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 yes, go to TJ’s and get this biotin. Your hair is already growing like a weed but it will make it even stronger and more fortified! And what it does for your nails and skin is amaze, too! Miss you! Xo

  3. Awww Mecky, I can’t believe I missed the window. I guess it is a good thing because if I’d won… everyone would think that the fix was in. LOL!!! ~MOM XOXOXO 🙂

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