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Thinking Out Loud | January 28th

Hey everyone!

How has your week been? Things are much better over here than they were the other day when I was home sick. I have to say…it was the perfect time to have a banging pair of blackout shades. Since I was out the other day, I do feel like the week has flown by. I mean can you believe it’s already Thursday? I can’t. But the good news is, it’s almost Friday, it’s happy hour day at work (my favorite!) and it’s also time for … dun, dun, dun… Thinking Out Loud, a weekly segment where I share all the random, quirky thoughts in my head. Today I’m linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons. Thanks for hosting!

If I were thinking out loud you’d know that…

  • I name my appliances. That’s right, my appliances. Fancy Pants [the CA edition] arrived to my apartment on Tuesday night and I could not be happier. Fancy Pants is a Black and Decker cordless hand vac that has the craziest. effing. suction I have ever seen. (Side note, I keep calling it a handless cord vac. LOL. Doesn’t even make sense. Anyway, I digress.) So, because she’s all sleek and swift, I feel like she’s showing off every time I use her. Hence the name Fancy Pants. Note: Beck, my former roomie / bestie and I had one in NYC and I was feeling very empty without her here in CA…so I got the CA edition.


black and decker cordless hand vac

  • I’m panicking because I’m all out of shows to binge watch. You name it, I’ve binged. And now I’m all out. Any suggestions?
  • I finally settled on a new toilet paper reserve holder which also arrived on Tuesday. Phew! I’m glad that’s out of the way.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of stuff to The Path in both the front and back of the house. The front of the house stuff you’ve probably noticed, like a new theme, colors, changing some headers around, etc. The back of the house stuff is much more technical, complicated and a serious pain in the ass. I’ve reorganizing all my content into new headers, I’ve switched hosts, I’ve played around with my Google Analytics, etc. All stuff that is annoying but necessary for keeping The Path in working order.
  • Yesterday, I felt so silly. While riding the gBus to work, I completely neglected to get off at my stop.

google bus

  • The campus is sprawling to say the least and I work at the main Googleplex (e.g. what you would see if you’ve watched the movie The Internship) and it’s the third stop once we arrive. Well…I was so engrossed in my newly discovered Singing in the Shower (even though I was on the bus) playlist that I totally missed my stop. It wasn’t until the bus was taking off that I noticed…hey, um, my building. I had no idea where the bus was going (because, why would I still be on the bus?) but after talking to the driver I found out the next stop is like a mile away. I was already running late so I figured, why not take the gBike to get to my building? That’s what those things are there for.

google bike

  • Riding the gBike was so much fun. I was able to put my coffee and bookbag (<– navy one on sale at UO!) in the basket, use my little bell when I needed to. I felt like a kid again for the 5 min ride on my colorful bike. It definitely beat a 15 huffy walk, that’s for sure.
  • Even though I work really hard and am proud of my career to date, I wonder when I’ll have the ability to “lean out” as opposed to “lean in“. I mean, can we talk about it? What if I want to lean out? Someday, I know I’d like to settle down and have a family, but I recognize that running at break neck will only be feasible for so long … yet slowing down could be detrimental to my career. When is enough, enough? I’ll admit that it’s odd to be dead single (with not even a prospect at the moment) and be thinking this, but I if I were thinking out loud you’d know, I have been thinking about this.
  • Speaking of not even a prospect, I really need to start dating in SF. I’ve updated my dating profiles with my location and info though, so that should count for something.
  • I’m running my first ever little giveaway and I hope people enter.
  • I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my lunches this week. Yesterday I had this delicious plate (below) and today I grabbed my favorite salad called the Stuffing Bowl. It has kale, frisee (which I replace with spinach because frisee is like the saddest looking leaf ever), roasted turkey, sweet potato and cranberry topped with a cranberry vinaigrette. Yum!

google lunch

  • I had a Google hangout with my Mom the other day so I could show her my new apartment. It made my whole week.
  • My right knee is bothering me. Even little small bend movements send shooting pain. Naturally, I am freaked out and hoping that this is some weird “getting older” thing and nothing major is wrong.
  • As I mentioned, today is WTH Happy Hour day at work. At 3:30PST we basically shut down and well, happy hour. Today’s drink of choice is the Pisco Punch.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.22.37 PM

  • And since today is #FunAtWorkDay (here in the US), why not?

fun at work day

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud | January 28th

  1. You found your toilet paper reserve holder! Great news 😉 And I don’t name my appliances, but I DO name my plants… all two of them 😆 We have Douglas the peace lily that I’ve probably killed and revived around 10 times, and Spike the aloe plant that… hasn’t died yet because apparently those suckers are hard to kill.

  2. I name all things. My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is Henri, because we went to Paris for part of our honeymoon and I thought baking > French. And Henri’s Bakery was a favorite from my childhood. My car is named Tally, as in Tally Ho! You have to name things.

    1. Love that I am not the only one with this stuff. My car’s name is Kira. My Dad actually have her the middle name of Christine. Ha! Thanks SO much for stopping by!

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