About Me

Hi all, I’m Mecca! And here is my truth:

This blog started 9 years ago as a healthy outlet for me to express myself after a particularly painful break-up.

And around that same time my overly stuffed, filled to the brim closet fell apart. Literally, it couldn’t hold the weight of its contents, similar to how I felt like my insides couldn’t hold the weight of my emotions; so I wrote. However, what started out as a way to avoid calling or texting my ex, quickly became something that I thoroughly enjoyed: blogging and sharing parts of my life with you all.

Five years ago, I re-branded from Why Closets Fall Apart to The Path to Mecca, as a way to reflect where I was and where I continue to be in my life: not knowing all the answers but having fun along the way. What you’ll find on the Path reflects my happenings from daily life [fitness, travel, work, dating – you know, the usual] in what I hope is told in a relatable, approachable and fun way.

I’ve moved around a lot and currently live in the bay area of California. That said, I’m a Jersey girl at heart. I’m a University of Miami undergrad, Duke MBA and currently spend my days leading brand marketing and social media for a large brand at a very large tech company. I’m a daughter, friend, godmother and auntie to my best friend’s adorable children. I love music, movie, football and Snoopy… yes, from the Peanuts Gang.

To learn more about me, check out my list of 30 random things. And if you want to hear about my take on dating, read this. Also of note: I’m always striving for less friction by working out and I am fanatical about graphics tees and styling them. Oh, and every once in a while, I go off on a rant.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you. Please send me a note through my Contact page [or at thepathtomecca at gmail dot com] and let me know who you are and how you found me. In addition to telling me what your favorite song is (because I love music and I just love to know that random stuff) also, let me know what you’d like to see more of on The Path because I’m happy to write about it.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Mecca