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New Year, Revamped Blog?

Well, it’s been a while.  A long while.  Two and a half years to be exact but in my defense, a lot has happened.  In all that “lot” I guess the biggest piece of news is that I finally did it. What exactly is it, you ask?  Well, I finally applied, got accepted to and started b-school.  For those of you who used to follow Why Closets Fall Apart (my first blog), I posted about my decision to apply to business school and after careful consideration, four GMAT exams, countless essays, interviews, informationals and school visits, I ended up at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.  Despite leaving New Jersey and all things familiar, coming to Fuqua (pronounced Few-KWA) was the best decision I could have ever made.  Three quarters of the way through, I’m having a blast.  I’ve met a lot of wonderful, smart and inspiring people, learned a lot of interesting things (both business and non-business related), worked on a lot of great teams and have found a new sense of purpose.

So why am I here, yet again?  Well, in October I landed an amazing job, which will take me to a new city and a new adventure come summer.  Additionally, in just a few short weeks, I will be headed to Argentina to study abroad for 7 weeks at UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa).  Not to mention, all the other happenings that 2012 will have to offer; including major milestones like graduation and simple, yet fun shenanigans like (my fav) St Patrick’s Day parade.  So I figure, now’s as good a time as ever to start blogging again.  I chose to start anew by giving my old blog a face lift.  A new server, a new look and a new name.  I realize that as I start these new adventures, I’m on the path to a happy, healthy life.  The path to Mecca.

Note:  For those that know me well, don’t fret — some things haven’t changed.  I’ve still got moxie, I’m still single (dating is still craaaazy!) and I still like a good workout.  Although, I’m now 30 years old so it’s so much harder than it used to be.  Oh, and for anyone who may be wondering what happened to Why Closets Fall Apart, all my posts have been carried over.  So anything posted before today is from there.  Hence the lack of consistency in fonts and stuff.  I’m being lazy.  Pardon me.

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