Springtime Shoe Game: Metallic Edition

Despite having a closet filled (to the brim) with clothes, shoes and accessories, I often feel like I have nothing to wear. Admittedly dramatic and a first world problem, for sure, but still true. In preparation for some travel I have on the agenda during the upcoming months, I’ve spent a lot of my spare time (which is basically only at night as I lie in bed before I crash), to peruse the Interwebs and find some pieces I can add to my arsenal. One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve searched has been my affinity for shoes. And not just any shoes … metallic shoes. Heels, sandals, flops or slip-ons: you name it, I’ve marked it as a favorite.

Now, I don’t claim that I’m discovering a trend here, as metallic pieces, shoes or otherwise, have been all the rage for quite some time now. In fact, last spring, I purchased these slip-ons and these sneakers – both metallic. But my parents taught me that it’s nice to share and with all these fun finds, why not? I just can’t keep them to myself. And who knows, maybe you’ll find something to add to your own shoe collection.



One // Two // Three // Four // Five

BONUS! Honorable mentions: Six // Seven // Eight // Nine

Oh and ps (in case you’re wondering), I am strongly considering #1 and #3 but thinking purplish metallic color instead. Oh, and number #9 from the bonus list. And I’m done. NO, I do not have a problem. Ok, maybe a tiny one…

Tell me: What are you coveting these days?

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2 thoughts on “Springtime Shoe Game: Metallic Edition

  1. I have been a big fan of metallic gold shiz, everywhere! And gold polka dotted anything 🙂 And I hope ballet flats never go out of style because I live in them. Love you!

    1. Yes! I’m all about the metallic right now. And I honestly have a hard time wearing heels now…soooo used to flats. They’re the best. Love ya! Xox

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