(My) Springtime Shoe Game

When I was younger, I had the Carrie Bradshaw mentality when it came to shoes. I often thought, “the higher the heel, the better I feel”. And while I still ooze with joy over a high-heeled sexy, strappy shoe (or sandal!), my shoe collection has become a lot more functional than emotional. Don’t get me wrong — style is still important — but living, working and playing in New York City has shifted my perspective a bit. On average, I log anywhere between 3-7 miles of walking a day; and who in their right mind wants to walk 3-7 miles a day in an uncomfortable pair of shoes? Not this girl.

The great news, though, is that I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice comfort for style. And thanks to some birthday gift cards I received, I was able to purchase a few pair of shoes from Steve Madden for a reasonable price.

Here are my selections by the numbers: three of them are flat, two have a rubber sole, one is a peep toe and all four offer all day comfort. That’s a win in my book!

Spring Shoes for style and comfort

One // Two // Three // Four


  • Colors shown are the actual colors I purchased.
  • Steve Madden had so many cute shoes: heels, wedges, flats, sneakers AND boots. It was incredibly hard to choose. 
  • Not shown are several other pairs of shoes I’ve recently purchased (including, but not limited to, sandals from Target and a new pair of sneaks for cross training) because I (admittedly) have a problem and I should probably be stopped. 
  • I say ‘sneakers’ or ‘sneaks’ because I’m a Northeastern girl. #JerseyAllTheWay 🙂

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