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Why the eff do people choose to walk into airplane bathrooms with nothing but their socks on? Or even worse barefoot?

In the words of my boy Jimmy...
In the words of my boy Jimmy…

If you’ve been keeping track, I’ve been on a whole heap of flights over the last month and on several of those flights, I saw many bare feet or socks-only feet trekking their asses back and forth to the airplane bathroom with no shame. Apologies to anyone who may do this but in my opinion, it’s just plain disgusting. Is it so hard for you to put your damn shoes on before you get up and walk to the bathroom?

Enter Exhibit A. Mr. Filthy McNasty.
Enter Exhibit A. Mr. Filthy McNasty.

Even with the thickest of soles, I’m horrified to step into an airplane bathroom because I often see urine strewn down the front of the bowl in addition to liquid on the floor which I’m not naive enough to think is simply water.  <<Cringe>>

Get it together, people!

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