friday favorites

Not a “real” Friday Favorites, but hey anyway

Bad news: This is not a true Friday Favorites post. It’s raining. My computer is acting janky and my Friday Favorite draft was lost. I have not had enough caffeine today. And lastly, work is killing me smalls.

Good news: It’s Friday. I am alive and healthy. I have a crush. I also have an episode of Grey’s Anatomy waiting for me.

Perspective, right? This weekend I plan on trying my best to take it easy. I’ve been doing a LOT of running around and I’m pretty frigging exhausted. I would like to do laundry, watch TV, read and nap. On Sunday, I will call my girl Becks to wish her a happy birthday. I will also call my Mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day; but honestly this Sunday is no different from any other day as far as I’m concerned. I’m pretty blessed with an awesome woman as my Mom. I talk to her about 4x/week and always express how much I love her. I recognize that not everyone has that, so I try very hard not to take that for granted. Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you have a great one.

Since I can’t re-type my original post (I just don’t have it in me), I figured I’d share a few of my Friday Favorite pics/links I planned on including. Enjoy!

  • Neon Lights Tunnel: Anna Wintour, though? Epic.
  • This filter in Snapchat (which I call “Festival of Flowers”)
Can I wake up like this?
  • I wasn’t always a Game of Thrones fan, but now I’m all in. This viewer’s guide has been extremely helpful for me to figure out Houses, Characters and Family Trees.
  • Kate’s fragrance. Not a newbie anymore, but such a goodie. My girl is crazy talented.
  • My godson and his little brother made it into the local town newsletter. (Posted with permission from their Mom)
  • Speaking of Moms, saw these two pics circulating on Instagram.
    Friday Moms
    To all my Mom friends with toddlers

    friday moms 2
    Pretty much. She IS the best.
  • Last year, Penn simulated labor pains and while I’ve seen a a few of these types of videos before, this one cracked me up. This year, he wore a sympathy belly. Parts of this had me in tears.


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