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to B or not to B

B-school that is. I’ve been putting it off for years (six to be exact) and now after being out in the working world for some time now, I finally feel like I’m ready to take the plunge. Do I miss endless amounts of homework, meeting with groups on presentations and studying for days upon end? Nope. Do I miss hitting up the little lady at the Latin Cafeteria (thank you MIAMI) at the drive up window for my nightly study dose of Cuban coffee? Not really. (Well actually, I miss the ritual with the girls. And man oh man it does keep you up for hours upon hours). But in my field of work, it’s just about mandatory I go back to school and get my MBA.

I signed up for a Kaplan GMAT course last week and begin soon. I’ve already written one essay and started this whole application process. I’m on my way to my visit college visit this upcoming Friday and working on my first case study for my class visit. What crazy girl decides she wants to go back to business school and apply to SIX schools all in the matter of 8-10 weeks for the Fall of 2009 (less than a year)? That’s right folks, me.

Crazy, wired – call it what you may – but when I set my mind to something there is no turning back. Who knows if I’ll get into these schools…but I figure worst case scenario (i.e. bombing the GMAT), I’ve always got 2010.

Other than this new excitement in my life, everything is everything. Life in general is good. I haven’t written in a while…needed a serious detox. Although I’m not really “good” at it, I do indeed love blogging. I started blogging during the summer of 2007, while I was mourning the loss of my last relationship and going through a serious EX detox. (Unfortunately, do to the nature of the content, the blog was only shared with close friends and family). After I ended my detox, I decided to continue to blog, but really on write when I have something to say…otherwise, it feels like to too much pressure to keep up with all you lovely writers. So I apologize for my blog shadiness (Shady McMuffin – I have been) and hope that with all this B school stuff and the holidays and all that good stuff, life will pick up once again and give me something to talk to y’all about.

Anyway, thanks for keeping me laughing (and reading) over the past few months. You all are fabulous and so are your blogs, I swear.

Ok, off to finish this case (I can’t BELIEVE I’m doing HOMEWORK for a class visit) and watch some Law & Order. Good night lovely people. 🙂

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