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Last weekend was awesome

I Hate Mondays


Normally, after a long weekend, I would have a serious case of the Mondays but thankfully, I planned a vacation following the 4th of July holiday, so I’m only in the office today and tomorrow. On Wednesday morning, I’m heading out west (first to Sedona followed by Vegas) for vacation. As I’m a sucker for warm(er) temps, I’m pumped about the dry heat…even though it is July and the forecast is calling for 90-100 degree temps!

In the meantime, I’m on a high from the long weekend, which is definitely pulling me through to Wednesday morning.

Here are the five reasons why my weekend was awesome:

  1. I had off Thursday and Friday. Work is awesome with this stuff and gave us both Thursday and Friday off. They also “released” us at around 3pm on Wednesday, so I truly had a nice long weekend.
  2. My friend had a baby who I got to meet on Thursday. Cutest little button.
  3. Leslie was in town for the weekend. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s always a good time with her.
  4. I got a new fantastic [purple] lipstick. Nothing I would normally try on but I was with my personal shoppers (aka Becky and Leslie) preparing for the upcoming trip and thanks to their encouragement, tried on what is now my new fave color (and perfect for Vegas mind you). Here is a picture of it actually on a person. Love, love, love! Mac Lipstick
  5. Additionally, I got this bad boy. The length makes me feel like I’m channeling my inner Khloe. [Note: this picture does NO justice for the dress. This fitted dress is en fuego with the perfect combination of class and sass!]

Four and Five are basically a lesson in “ALWAYS TRY IT ON!” Anywho, not sure if I’ll have time to post before I head out west, but if not, I’ll be back next week! Have a good one!

Do you get a case of the Mondays? 

2 thoughts on “Last weekend was awesome

  1. Well… Yes, as a matter-of-fact I do get the case of the Mondays. However, I basically just dread having to get up in the morning. Not that I sleep in late on weekends (unless I stay up late)… It is just relinquishing the control to get out of bed when I’m ready to my old faithful alarm clock. Once at work, I generally get through it by hitting the ground running. It honestly is one of my most busiest & efficient days of the work week, because not only do I have to review what was pending from the week before… The floodgates are wide opened with everyone and their mother phoning me as if the world revolves around them ONLY (as if they are my only clients)…. NOT!!! However, I chalk all of my extra Monday work activity up as a positive in making my day fly by. So, although Mondays are actually the start of the full work week… It generally fly’s by and before I know it… It is time to go home.

    Glad to hear that you had a nice long weekend, a short work week this week, and a Sedona / Las Vegas vacation on the horizon. The M.A.C. Heroine lipstick is a staple in my makeup kit as I and numerous clients (that I have provided makeovers) love it too! It is actually a hot/sexy color for sure that will go well with your (classy) hot/sexy dress!!! Well have a great trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it upon your return. Until then, safe travels! Love you. MUAH!!!

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