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R & R (and R)

Hey y’all, I’m back and as predicted, in better spirits. THANK YOU so much (from the bottom of my heart) to each and every one of you who sent a message to me to check in. I woke up to a lot of love and while I didn’t express my feelings for that purpose, it was like a warm hug for my soul.

“She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts. But because she continued on despite them.” – Beau Taplin (compliments of Kristin)

Yesterday was my last presentation! No more questions, comments or snarls. Hallelujah! Can’t I get an Amen, praise God from whom all blessings flow, or something? Honestly guys, I was so sick of going hoarse reciting the same damn information, 55 different ways for 150 thousand different audiences (and altering the deck to match the audience each time). But now that that’s over, I can enjoy my weekend without the presentation road show hanging over my head.

Today I have the day off and I’m writing to you from an Amtrak train on my way down to Maryland (a third home, if you will) to hang with Leslie for the weekend. Leslie is one of my favorite people on the planet for many reasons but her ability to provide side splitting laughter is probably at the top of the list. Exhibit A:

Lambin' around in Australia
Lambin’ around in Australia

God must have known what kind of week I’ve had because this extremely attractive dark haired, blue- eyed Englishman sat across from my table in the cafe car. This is the best I could get with a pic…because anything else would simply be creepy. Lol.

dude from the train
dude from the train

Unfortunately, cutie with an accent pulled out a full-sized, half empty carton of almond milk from his diesel backpack, proceeded to drink straight from the carton and upon returning it to his travel refrigerator bag, pulled out his iPhone and took a selfie. So while pretty, he clearly has G.T.L. written all over. #JoeyBagADonuts #SideEye

Leslie has a fun weekend planned for us of R & R (and R) = rest, relaxation and rosé. Here’s what on the agenda.

Today/Tonight: Hopping aboard the #WayneTrain tonight for a hip-hop spin class at Soul Cycle Bethesda, sushi dinner with Amber and a cozy evening of wine, Orange is the New Black Season 3 and Lennon.

Leslie's precious pup, Lennon
Leslie’s precious pup, Lennon

Saturday: Spin at Zengo (gotta switch it up, plus first class is free), brunch, pool time, dinner and a night out in DC

Sunday: More pool time, Crabs for lunch (because duh, when in Rome) and maybe out for a friend’s b-day

I head back on Monday morning and will head straight to work to my new floor and space (oh, yea, we’re moving floors and had to pack up our space so it could be moved today – another point of stress this week). But on a positive note, I’ll be doing another hip-hop spin class at Soul in West Village with my co-worker Charlotte after work, so should the day be stressful, I’ll at least be able to work it out in a class. And speaking of workouts, on Tuesday, I’m finally trying out 305 Fitness, which is a Miami-inspired dance class, which apparently feels more like a club then a class. Um, speaking my language!

Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with rest, relaxation, rosé and/or whatever else you heart desires.

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  1. Yay!!! Glad to hear the presentation tour has ended… And that you inadvertently rewarded yourself with some much needed R&R… and R! That’s the way to surely put S#@t behind you. 🙂 Love that you had a great weekend!

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