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I’s tired…No rest for the weary, Part 2

I’m exhausted. Plain and simple. My “no rest for the weary” weekend continues. When I last left you, you knew all about my crazy week up until Thursday but since then it’s just gotten worse. Friday I totally, completely forgot I had a doctor’s appointment. It just completely escaped my mind. In fact, I didn’t even think about it until yesterday (Saturday morning), a good 24 hours AFTER the appointment time. That’s so out of character. For those who don’t know me, I am pretty much always on time, pretty anal in fact, and if I’m even going to be 2 minutes late, I’ll call. I pride myself on that. I’m the master keeper of my schedule, and never (or rarely) forget an appointment; be it doctor, dentist, nail, hair (would NEVER forget a hair appt.), or even a God-awful GYN appointment. So you can imagine that when I realized, not only did I feel terrible but what sucks even worse is that will I most likely have to pay one of those, “You’re an inconsiderate a-hole who stole an appointment time I could have given to someone who REALLY needed it” fees.

Friday was just a blur. I burned rubber getting out of my parking spot due to the inclement weather the day before, got to work and was so involved in tying up all of my financial lose ends to meet year end hell deadlines, it just slipped my mind. After working my heart out, I rushed home to get all dolled up for my company’s holiday Christmas party. We were required to wear festive attire (although we’re a ‘casual-dress’ company) so I wore a dress. I hate dresses in the winter because I hate wearing stockings. They suck. H-A-T-E them. Thankfully I got these panty hose on without ripping them or getting a run and my dress was actually a success. I crashed when I got home but awoke at 8:30am to make the gym, which at least was a good thing. My the rest of the day was a blur, which consisted of two trips to the grocery store, crashing a cookie baking party* (where well over 300 cookies were made and decorated, with a quick break for lunch), and rushing to a holiday party where I delighted in many special holiday cocktails and cookies (and I socialized like the elite) only to get my tail on the highway and high-tail it home just in time for the next snow storm. Hail pounded on my window pretty much all night and the freezing cold weather forced me to sleep with a sweat shirt over top of my PJ top. I woke up to another winter wonderland. I spent 40 minutes digging myself out of my parking spot (thanks to the plow trucks in my complex who cleaned the main driveways while also successfully blocked my little baby Kira (my car) into her spot. After digging myself out, I showered, ran a few quick errands, and then headed on the slick roads about 40 minutes south to meet up with some friends for a belated birthday/holiday gathering. (I’m so tired of holiday socializing, I could gag). Now I’m back at home, laying around instead of doing what I’m supposed to (card writing and laundry).

And tomorrow I have another holiday party/dinner for work in the evening, a dentist appointment on Tuesday (which I can not forget), and I must pick up my last little gifts for people, finish wrapping, etc. There is not enough time in a day!

Let’s take a quick look back on my last week and my next few days:
(Last) Monday – socializing (dinner), Tuesday – socializing (dinner with the girls), Wednesday – work all damn day, Thursday – work and snowed in, Friday – work and holiday party, Saturday – holiday party for my friend, Sunday – belated b-day dinner for a friend and holiday gathering, (tomorrow)Monday – holiday dinner for my smaller group at work, Tuesday – dentist appointment, Wednesday – work all day (both jobs)….and you can see why I am exhausted.

Good news:

  • I’ve planned what I’m doing for my Mom’s b-day. Her b-day is after Xmas and to ensure she doesn’t get the shaft I try to make her Xmas and Birthday gifts and the occasions themselves totally different. Fun fact: My mom (Jill) has been mistaken for my sister more times than I’ve changed my socks in all my life. She’s a looker; a “young-looking” looker.
  • I’ve already gotten out 30 holiday cards. (Twenty more to go).
  • I figured out what to get Sin for Xmas.
  • Anna’s (my bff in Chicago) gift is wrapped and ready to be FedEx’d.
  • Sin wrapped some of my gifts for me, because she’s a godsend.
  • Although I didn’t work out today at the gym, I feel like I did because of my shoveling. It was definitely a work out.
  • The Bucs clinched the NFC South. (ya for Phil).
  • Santa Claus strolled through my complex today on the fire truck and gave candy canes to all the little kiddies. My inner child waved at him from my living room window like a lunatic.

Ok, off to finish reading my Real Simple magazine and then I suppose I can try and get some more cards done. And tomorrow, first thing, I will call Dr. G-H and apologize profusely for being the inconsiderate, forgetful a-hole.

Thanks for letting me vent some more…

*Cookie baking party = blast. Sin and Sarah are so cute and I had so much fun. Pics to come. Promise.

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