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No rest for the weary

The past two days….have been hell in a hand basket. Let me give you the 411 on the last 48. After working until 7 Tuesday night, I was already exhausted. So I thought I would get to bed at a decent time, but I was wired and couldn’t get any decent shut-eye. (I think I went to bed at 1am). So yesterday morning, my boss lady picked me up from my house because we were driving to NY for an all day offsite meeting. After sitting in back to back (to back) meetings, we get back into the car just in time to squeeze by traffic and get me home so I can go to my other job. (The deal with the other job, L: I work part-time at a clothing store, which I’ll call L. I used to work there 3 or 4 times a week but with the demands of every day life and my full-time job, I’ve successfully whittled it down to one day – Wednesdays. At this point, I spend more in gas driving there then what I make in night’s worth of work, but I love the people and even better, the awesome discount).

So anyway, I get home just in time to change out of my comfy jeans (yes, my job is casual) and into “work” pants and a nice blouse, stuff an apple in my pocket to have for “dinner” since I have no time for a real meal and head to L. I get there only to find a clothing store fiasco. I mean, it looked like straight poop up in that store…clothes thrown everywhere, three full racks of “go-backs” and a million people lining the store; gotta love the holidays! Now, just to give you a little background, I normally stroll in about 6pm and by 9:30-10, I’m out of there. Well, not tonight! After dealing with bitchy clients and fitting rooms that look like they threw up clothes, I didn’t leave L until 10:35 (with the apple still in my coat pocket = no dinner) and that was because the store doesn’t have the hours to support the overtime for some of the other employees. (We left with almost one full rack of clothes to be put back. I know the morning people were pissed, but oh well, I/we tried). So I get home, shower and although I am beat, I can’t fall asleep. WTF??

Finally, after calling my girl Sin (who apparently is an insomniac who enjoys wrapping presents* until all hours of the night), I was able to crash, only to wake up at 5:30am to attend a morning spin class**, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to work out tonight, due to the snow storm we were scheduled to have. And yes, we did get snow, along with sleet, slush, hail and ice among other things. So after going to the gym, I ran to Dunkin Donuts and picked up my “medium french vanilla, skim and two splendas” coffee, went home, shower and was off to work by 8:15. So far, no snow. I plugged away at work because it’s year end (and I’m in finance hell, although I’m a marketer), and next thing I know it’s a winter wonderland outside. (Wish I had pics but I’m a slacker). But don’t be fooled, just because it looked like a winter wonderland outside doesn’t mean it was. It was more like an ice rink. Slippery, icy mess. I finally flew out of there, laptop in hand to work remotely from home at about lunch time, and a 12 minute drive took 35, given the solid sheet of ice.

I get home, still tired as all get out, make a little lunch and then jump on a conference call. Work (even from home) until about 7:30 and then finally decide to slow down. Now I am in bed, too tired to write Christmas cards, too tired to switch over my laundry, too tired to even think. (So I apologize if this post is all over the damn place). I wish I could say it would all be over tomorrow and I could get a little R&R but of course that won’t be happening. Tomorrow is the company holiday party, Saturday is my friend’s last hurrah Christmas part before becoming a mom (she’s due New Years Day), and then Sunday is another friend’s b-day lunch. I still have to finish the remaining X-mas cards (I already sent out 30 last week), finish shopping for gifts and then find time to wrap those gifts. Somewhere in between I hope I can find room to breathe. Not to mention, make dip (with the help of Sin) to bring to the first party and purchase a small gift/card for the b-day lunch.

I guess I should change over my laundry. ARRRRGH! (And as soon as I do that, it’s LIGHTS OUT for Mecca).

*Wrapping presents? F— that. I’d rather watch paint dry. No, I’m not a scrooge; wrapping presents is just not my thing. I do love giving gifts to people though.
**Unfortunately I caught the morning spin class with the shitty instructor who didn’t even turn up the music to motivate. I mean, it’s early as hell in the morning which is hard enough. Can I get some jams to make me want to move? On top of that, the class had two chatty friends who were talking the entire time as if they were taking a nice stroll through a park, as opposed to a ‘work your ass off spin class’.

4 thoughts on “No rest for the weary

  1. Hey My love,After busting out a 10 page paper tonight that’s due on Saturday* – my last day of classes… WOO HOO! – I must say that reading your blog added laughter to what was summing up to be a seriously boring and focused night. The paper turned out great… I tell you, I am beginning to master producing fabulous papers through writing academic bull crap. Looks like the paper that I typed this evening and the presentation that I’ll present on Saturday for my other final class, will be the icing on the cake for A’s yet again (bull crap and all… LOL). The good news is that my Summa Cum Laude status will remain intact. Four more classes to go… SAY WHAT! Only four more classes TO GO!… WOO HOO! Enough about Academics and back to your blog… it was hilarious… your comedic juices waz-a-flowing… I belly laughed out loud (a.k.a. cracking up laughing). It was a humorously great read. Now I too must get some shut eye… Love you! Mom* I’m such a procrastinator.

  2. I’m one of the crazy people who just lurve wrapping presents. If you lived nearer, I’d happily wrap yours for you. I’m obsessive, what can I say. 🙂 Also, I admire you for spinning. I tried it once and never went back.

  3. Thanks Mom!And Lisa if you lived closer, I’d happily throw all my presents your way! 😉 I’d give them to my friend Sin if she wasn’t responsible for wrapping everyone else’s ‘ish. As far as spin, if it makes you feel any better, the firt time I did it, I vomit directly after. Ha!

  4. GIVE THEM TO ME!!! I only have like 5 or 6 more to wrap….I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms…and your description of me is on point: insomniac who LOVES to wrap presents! I was up until 2 am on a school night (oops! we’re grown ups now…WORK night) wrapping presents and going back and ripping the post its off the 25 that I had ALREADY wrapped, but not labeled, and applying real labels onto them. I ALSO separated them demographically into large shopping bags for when I make my rounds delivering gifts to all my kiddies.So sorry you’ve had a crazy week so far…but I look forward to seeing you on Saturday! I’ll be in the midst of baking 250+ cookies with Sas, baking 2 regular and 4 mini cakes, so the dips and gift wrapping will be a welcome break from baking and icing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!

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