The Love Run

Well, I found out on Monday night that I didn’t get make it into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC (boo!) and while I’m bummed because I’ve heard it’s an awesome race to run, I’m not going to let that deter me from running a half marathon this spring.  I mentioned the other day that I was thinking about entering my name into the NYRR Half Marathon hat, however, I want a guaranteed entry into a race and quite frankly, since this will be my very first half, I don’t need the NYRR pressure. I started researching races and came upon the Philadelphia Love Run and I immediately fell well, in love with this race (you want some macaroni with that cheese-y pun?).

For starters, it’s sponsored by CGI Racing which was the same sponsor of the Perfect 10 miler race that I ran back in October. The race was executed flawlessly so I expect that this race would be of a similar caliber and an enjoyable experience all around. Second, it’s in its inaugural year and running my first half marathon in the first ever Love Run seems almost like poetic justice. [Sidenote: While inaugural race might be frightening to some more experienced runners, I have faith this race will come together given that it’s being managed by CGI Racing.] Third, they mention all kinds of swag and fun perks which I am such a sucker for.  Not to mention, the race is on March 30th which is the Sunday before my 33rd birthday and I can’t find a more perfect gift to give myself then to reach massacre one of items on my bucket list. Finally, it’s called the LOVE run and who doesn’t luuurve that?

ImageNow that I have decided which race I would like to run, I have to get my ish together which includes thinking about my first half marathon race goal(s) and getting my training plan in order. I’m so excited!!!!


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