Best Gift Ever!

In case you don’t know me or if you do know me and have been living under a rock, I am obsessed with Snoopy and everything Peanuts! And usually around gift-giving time, I get something Snoopy or Peanuts themed as it’s an easy win for the gift-giver.

So back in December 2009 when a triangular shaped present arrived at my doorstep, I was stumped at what it could actually be because it wasn’t a heavy box that could hold a figurine or snow globe or a shaped like a book or a Charlie Brown DVD. Therefore, I was convinced it was some weird shaped grown-up gift and not my childhood adulthood obsession.

When I opened the box, lo and behold was the best thing ever; a scraggly, minimalist Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Perfect for the single girl, small spaced apartment girl, crazy obsessed Peanuts fanatic girl.

It’s been four year and counting since I’ve received this beloved tree and I can’t imagine any other tree being more me.


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