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A quick rundown

Oh, hi there. It’s me….Mecca. Happy hump day! I know it’s been a while (a week to be exact) but I promise, it’s not intentional. A quick rundown on the happenings around my way…

  1. Work is killin’ me, smalls. Don’t get me wrong…I love work, but the last few days have been IN-SANE (in the membrane). We had a new TV spot launch during the Grammy’s and I sent out a bunch of random c-tweets (if you watch the commercial, hopefully you’ll be able to figure out why…and if not, read this) that made people think I (aka @Android) was drunk. Before the decoding of my cryptic messages, my favorite comments were: “go home, you’re drunk” and “you ok, bro?” (<—said Tweeter clearly thinks Android is a boy)
  2. I went to a thirty-onderful birthday dinner. #Thirtyonderful is the term I coined in business school when I turned…you guessed it…thirty one. The food was delicious and I got to spend some qt with the bschool crew.
  3. I went to see an 80s cover band. Tainted Love. They played all my jams including 867-5309, Take on Me and I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Gahhhh, it was everything.
  4. I also went to a bomb. dot. com Valentine’s Day party (more time with the bschool crew). My friend Stasa is like the cat’s meow of home decor, hosting and party planning. She left no stone unturned and really put a lot into the details. I mean, homemade raspberry marshmallows? Ok. be-mine-quick-rundown
  5. With less than 7 weeks until Miami, I’m ON it with the workouts (and the water drinking). The last couple of days, I tried a new HIIT workout, managed to do a great interval run and found my new fav SF instructor at Soul. YAY for being active.
  6. I drank all the wine. (This kind to be exact). I mean, what can I say? Your girl loves the grapes.
  7. Then my throat became the starring member of the Itchy and Scratchy show. (Sad).itchy-scratchy-show
  8. I saw this yesterday on my way home from the pharmacy. I swear, I can’t make this stuff up. PS. SnapChat name: EmElleDub.quick-rundown-snap
  9. I found out I’m going to the Beyonce concert in May…and this has me in my apt like…quick-rundown-beyonce
  10. If I can get my act together (sick-wise), I may have a date before I head off to Dallas for my new baby godson’s baptism. He’s an 8 month old stud, who I’m dying to meet. (My godson, not the potential date).

And on that note, I’m going to dig back into my work and drink some more water. I’m up to 96 fl. oz a day (thanks to Plant Nanny). Despite peeing every 22 mins, I feel amazing.

Tell me: How was your weekend? 

6 thoughts on “A quick rundown

  1. Tell me all about the SoulCycle instructor that has you like WHOA right now! Also – going to Beyonce too!!! YAAAAS. Barry’s this week?? 🙂

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