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a case of the randoms: Thursday Edition

Howdy folks!

I know it’s been about two weeks, but as the old adage says “no news is good news.” I really don’t have much to report, which is actually great. So with that said, I thought I’d hit ya with a few random thoughts.

1) Current mood as depicted by Lennon #readytogohome


2) I’m wrapping up my second week of physical therapy (due to my tendinosis) and it’s been painful. Every time I go, it’s slightly different than the last visit but like clockwork, I arrive, lay down for ten minutes with a pipin’ hot towel on the bottom half of my leg and then get kneaded by the doc like a big unruly pile of dough. He kneads my leg, ankle and foot as if he’s making some really intricate clay structure from scratch; and let me tell you, it’s not pleasant.  As a result I’ve had various bruises up and down my leg … but if it means I’m one step closer to running (and jumping, etc), then knead away.

3) This is nothing new but I watch a lot of TV. I mean, a lot a lot. Despite most of the good shows being on summer hiatus, I sit on my couch and get sucked in like a crumb to a Dyson. Current shows on the watch list: Housewives of OC and NY, Chrisley Knows Best, Major Crimes, Dateline and according to Leslie I need to start The Fall which is mysterious and dark – right up my alley (as it relates to TV and books).

4) I saw Katie Holmes at SoulCycle two Sundays ago. Long story short, the subway was acting like a jerk so I was late for bike check-in (which is four mins before class), so they released my bike (they reserve the right to do that). Thankfully, I was able to be reassigned but I had a clear shot of my chosen seat and Katie Holmes’ ass was on it. She looked great in case you’re wondering, but struggled with the dynamic arms section which made her feels so human to me.

5) I’m joining Blink. Blink is a no-frills, equipment-only gym that charges $25/month. In NYC, that’s highway robbery. I’ve purchased a 12 week strength training program from an online trainer that I’m going to start doing on my own (in addition to my 1 Fhitting Room class, 1 Fly Barre class and 1 Soul class a week). This will be good for me as I’ll at least have access to free weights, an elliptical, the stair master and a rowing machine (in the absence of running).

6) It’s hot as Hades outside and according to Poncho, the humidity is not good for my hair. Poncho, is a service that can provide a customized weather notification every morning by getting to know you and your routine. It asked me a series of questions when I first signed up: What time do you wake up? How do you commute to work? When do you take lunch? Do you have a dog you have to walk? And every morning along with my Daily Devotional and The Skimm, I receive an email from Poncho that tells me what to expect. It’s not life changing and I obviously have the Weather Channel app but this is a cute, fun way to receive my weather related news. Especially when Poncho warns me that my hair will probably be frizzy. Read: Rock a Bun!

7) My Mom is coming into town tomorrow to spend the weekend in the city with me and I’m beyond excited! YAY!

Well, that’s all for my random thoughts for now. Hope you’re enjoying your week!

What’s on your TV watch list? 

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