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Injured reserves

Hey y’all, it’s been a week since I last talked to you so I just wanted to provide a quick check in.

First of all, this! Yay! #proudally #loveislove #lovewins

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Second of all, just wanted to share that I’m on the injured reserves list and I don’t like it. Back in March when I was Barry‘ing like a banshee, I hurt my left foot and it just hasn’t been the same since.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.57.43 PM

Pain is kind of between 2 and 7.

Last week, after jumping around at 305 Fitness, I reached my breaking point and made an appointment to get it checked out. One hour, one x-ray and one prescription later,  I was told nothing’s broken, but based on where the pain was when the doc applied pressure, that I must have bruised the base of my metatarsal and that anytime I run, jump or do anything high impact, I re-injure it. I was sent on my way with an anti-inflammatory and told to come back in two weeks. Unfortunately, one week into this treatment plan and I don’t see any improvement. #boo

Since I can’t do anything high impact, I’ve been going to:

  • FlyBarre for toning/lengthening (which doesn’t bother my foot even though I spend a portion of time on my tiptoes)
  • The Fhitting Room and BFX for strength (substituting any jumping with squatting)
  • SoulCycle for cardio (yesterday was a Beyonce vs. Jay-Z ride)

That said, it never hurts to switch it up, so on Sunday, I’ll be doing a rowing class with CityRow (for free thanks to my friend Kate who’s event company is managing this awesome event). Even though the rower is tough and works almost every muscle in your body with each pull (“legs! core! arms!”), I love it!

What you don’t see on that list is running. I can’t and it sucks. (I know my girl Kristin can relate). And of course because I can’t run, all I want to do is … well, RUN. I stare at my new never-been-worn running shoes every day and spend a silly amount of time looking for all the races I want to sign up for when I’m cleared to run (which I’m hopeful will be soon enough for me to train to beat my 10K PR with a fall race). Sub 1 hour, anyone?

Anyway, off to enjoy the weekend. Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend, too!

Question for you: Isn’t it crazy that the second you’re told you can’t do something, all you want to do is that one thing? 

2 thoughts on “Injured reserves

  1. Awe Mecky… I’m so sorry to hear about your injured foot and hope that you’ll recover soon! To answer your question… “Isn’t it crazy that the second you’re told you can’t do something, all you want to do is that one thing?” Yes, which is why we should live every second, of everyday… never taking anything for granted. Regardless of whether it’s a holiday or special occasion… We should all live our lives celebrating what we have in every moment like it is the crescendo! 😉

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