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Blogosphere, can you hear me?

Apparently, you can. I’ll be honest though, sometimes I write and I feel like I’m literally talking to myself. However, a friend of mine from b-school (who happens to be in the city on business from London) text me yesterday to see if I’d be available to meet up for coffee. After we worked through the logistics of our plan, she asked how my vertigo was; and truth be told I was stumped. Like literally scratching my head, eyes squinting, staring quizzically into space for about a minute and then it clicked: SHE READS MY BLOG! Someone besides me actually reads this thing.

Where's the love button when you need it?
Where’s the love button when you need it?

Apparently, she signed up for the email notifications. Who knew? While I write for myself as a way to share, reflect and sometimes vent, it’s nice to know that someone besides my Mom (and Sin and Kris) read this. I think I need to get on my analytics game so I have a better understanding of who actually sees and/or reads The Path because I literally had no idea. But regardless of how people consume it, I am beyond appreciative. Grassy ass.

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