“Sore but Alive” Sunday – my 100th post!

Happy [Accountability] Sunday y’all! First, I am happy to report that when I hit “publish” this will be my 100th post! Whoo! I’d break out the champs if I could get my buns off the couch which brings me to my second point.

Second, I am happy to report that thanks to my “new year, new you” enthusiasm and a January Classtivity ClassPass, the last week and a half workouts have gone fairly smoothly.

Week of 12/30

To be honest, I’m only counting the second half of the week – Jan 1st to Jan 5th.  Since I was at my Mom’s house and it was negative gazillion degrees outside I completed two separate 5 mile runs at an easy and verrrry slow pace on the dread I mean treadmill in the basement.

Week of 1/6

This week not only kicked off my work week but also kicked off my Classtivity ClassPass. Classitivity is reasonably priced 30 day pass to bunch of different boutique fitness studios in NYC, including Barry’s Bootcamp, The Fhitting Room and Laughing Lotus Yoga. It’s a great deal because it allows me to try 10 different classes and/or studios around the city to see which ones I really like without dropping $30-$35 per class. (Yes, that is the going rate of these boutique studios in NYC). Once my ClassPass is up, I’ll return to Equinox like a normal gym-goer but in the meantime, I’ll explore what other boutique studios have to offer. This week I tried three different studios (Barry’s Bootcamp, Revolve and Uplift) and four different classes. My total round-up included:

Equinox personal training with Nicci – As a Christmas gift, my Dad bought me some personal training sessions so I’ll be looking to go 1x/week. I saw Nicci on Monday and she kicked my tail with a tough full body work-out including kettlebell swings, burpees (which I haaaate), squats, etc.

Barry’s Bootcamp (Chest, Arms, Abs) with Noah – 55 mins of pure craziness! Now truth be told I’ve done the full body workout once before but this one was the usual treadmill craziness combined with floor more that focused on upper body. I worked SO hard and felt like a beast when I walked out of the studio. And it doesn’t hurt that Noah is super cute and flirty throughout the whole class. I came back home and told Becky I would date that Jewish boy so hard.

Uplift: Sculpt Fusion with Chelsea – Described as a low impact but high intensity workout with “flow sequences” this class was much harder than one might anticipate. It’s always the classes with the small isolated movements that can light your booty on fire!

Revolve REAL Ride with Kristin – Hmm, not my fav. I was super excited for this spin studio after reading about it in several of the blogs I follow but me no likey. This spin class meant to simulate a “real ride” was okay but the instructor was not. I felt like I was in a “cool kids” rave as opposed to a spin class. I went with Becky and Julie and walked out of there thinking I had so many thoughts about it. I’m scheduled for a BODY ride this week, so I’ll give that a try but so far Revolve is not the business.

Uplift: Strength with Laura – By far the best class of the week. This typical strength class was broken up by tabata style cardio drills meant to get the heart pumping. It was definitely challenging yet really fun and I enjoyed Laura. I’ll definitely be looking to do another strength class.

Total workouts: 5 // Best workout of the week: Uplift: Strength. Not to get ahead of myself but in both classes the instructors took the time took the time to correct form so I could perfect the moves and get the best workout possible. This women-only studio was wonderful. Quaint, clean, warm and inviting!

Revelations of the week:

  • I hate running on the treadmill. Boring, bland, blah.
  • I enjoy strength training just as much as, if not more than, cardio.
  • Consecutive days of working out will not kill me (I’m sore but alive!)

Now onto half marathon training…

Love Run training (week 1 of 12) kicks off tomorrow! Scary! I’ve decided to follow Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 per the recommendation of Amanda over at Shapin Up which basically requires 3-4 runs per week. Given my schedule I know that realistically my runs will be more like 3x’s a week – 2 shorter runs and one longer run. But if I can get in 4 runs per week, even better.  Additionally, I never know how to pace myself, so I’m incorporating the pacing and some very light speed work per the FIRST iPhone Companion App and the Runner’s World training pace calculator. So given that, here’s on deck for the week of 1/13:

  • Monday – Personal training with Nicci
  • Tuesday – Rest or Run 3 miles
  • Wednesday – Run 3 miles
  • Thursday – Run 3 miles
  • Friday – BODY Ride (Revolve)
  • Saturday – Signature FHIX (Fhitting Room)
  • Sunday – Run 4 miles (if I don’t do double duty and try and tackle it on Friday night so I can take Sunday off)

Have a good week friends!

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