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I really can’t stay…


Seriously, y’all – WTF is happening right now?


For those fortunate southerners lucky enough to enjoy what you call “freezing” 50-60 degree temps [see yellow areas on map posted above], I’ll have you know in pretty much EVERYWHERE else in the continental US of A, it’s really friggin’ freeeeeezing as in arctic. I mean, ‘lose limbs’ freezing. We’re talking ‘makes Antartica look balmy’ freezing.

I mean, does it not seem like today’s weather map is brought to you by the color BLUE? This type of cold is pretty indescribable and I actually feel bad complaining because in other parts of the country (like the Midwest) it’s even worse. When I lived in Minneapolis (just last winter) I often used to say the cold felt like daggers being thrown at my face and while I no longer have to experience a static -14 degrees with a wind chill of -50, this whole “I’m going to be in the 60s the weekend before Christmas” to “Sike, girl I was just playin’ – now I’m feel like chillin’ in the single digits and while I’m at it, I’m gonna crap a whole heap of snow on you” is just plain rude. Get it together, Weather.

2 thoughts on “I really can’t stay…

  1. Awe I love that tune…. “I really can’t stay… baby it’s cold out side…” 🙂 Just kidding, love and so relate to this bloblovin entry… It’s freezin outside!!!

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