I love NYC but…

Don’t get me wrong. I love my city but there is this annoying little thing called ‘street sweeping’ where this big ass truck with a whole lot of circular brooms underneath it comes down the streets of New York on select days and times to sweep the streets. Now being totally fair this doesn’t affect over half (totally making this number up on pure assumption) of us city dwellers because Manhattan (and its boroughs) is such a commuter island that most people live AND work here which leaves no need for a car.

However, for us overly ambitious, and perhaps slightly insane, individuals who live on the island but work in areas not accessible by train –e.g. the boonies of New Jersey — we have cars. Cars that have to be moved for the big ass broom trucks (definitely not the technical term).

Because I commute to work with a carpool, I sometimes have to move my car to accommodate street sweeping if my car is not left at the parking lot of my job. Today is one of those days.

There are several options to avoid being ticketed, including but not limited to:
1) Pray it is some random holiday so that street sweeping, also known as alternate side parking, is not in effect.
2) Pray it is Wednesday or a weekend. (Alternate side parking on most side streets does not happen on Wednesday or weekends).
3) Find a spot on the opposite side of the street day of. Good luck with that.
4) Park in a metered spot for up to two hours (which will run you about $8) then scurrying to move your car to an available spot after the street sweeping time has passed.
5) Say “F— it – YOLO!” and get a ticket for not moving your car.
6) Double park your car directly next to a car on the other side of the street. 6A) And either leave a note in case the person you’re blocking needs to leave or 6B) wait it out. This also includes scurrying to the free side of the road once sweeping is over.

Since it’s not a random holiday, a Wednesday or a weekend, I didn’t feel like paying $8 for 2 hours in a metered spot and I care way to much to f— it, I am doing option 6B! Awesome way to spend a lunch break, eh?

Thankfully, I’ve got some coffee from Birch, my work cell and the latest edition of Women’s Health to keep me occupied while I wait. 53 minutes to go…


Note: Please check your local streets signs. What I’m doing isn’t the best option, just one of many options!

And look who just showed up to the party! Heyyy, Mr. Street Sweeper!


Any of you have a car in NYC? What’s your option of choice to avoid getting ticketed?

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