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Well hello…

Hello people! Have you missed me? Again I come to you with excuses of late work hours and happenings of life that have caused me NOT to write, but boy the past two weeks have been good. Aside from working until 1 or 2am on certain nights, I have done/accomplished a few key things.

I FINALLY organized my nightmare of a closet — a massive trip to the Container Store, LNT and Target totally helped me to organize and maximize my space. I read some really great articles on how to go about this process, and where to start. I think the thing that kept me from getting on it sooner was that I didn’t know where to begin because it was so overwhelming. I also had to tell myself that it wasn’t going to happen in one night. It took a while, but it was worth it. I have a fully functional closet and have maximized my space to the point where I actually see a crap ton of carpet. I even re-organized my bathroom and storage under the sink. I also gave both my room and bathroom a little face lift by purchasing a new bedding set and some new fluffy towels. Nothing like rolling around in some new sheets. I feel like a new woman.

My HUGE project that I have been slaving away at for the past three months has finally kicked off. One of my favorite brands I work on is sponsoring a major artist’s concert tour and we’re executing events on-site. I had three months to pull together the entire program, sponsorship details, creative collateral, etc. not to mention executing in both US and Canada, which is a first for my company since we just recently were combined with Canada to become “North America”. Anyway, the best part about working my ass off for three months is that I got flown out to Vancouver for a show to party it up, stay in a fly ass suite (which was bigger than my apartment) and eat, drink and be merry with some crazy folks and this awesome, amazing artist on the company dime. Oh yea, and they got me a massage, too. 🙂

My Vancouver euphoria was quickly killed when I returned back home (after the craziest turbulent landing in which I literally thought I was toast) and was “bitched out” by my neighbor. Yes, the crazy dog-lady neighbor. She actually had the audacity to be upset with me because I “backstabbed” her when I sent her a certified letter, demanding the money she owed me. I was in shock. This jerk has the nerve to play victim when I was bit by her dog and later received a check from her, which bounced not due to insufficient funds but because their was no such account! That’s right – she tried to pay me with a check from an account she had previously closed. People are friggin’ bananas. In any case, after beefing about it a bit in the hallway, she later gave me the cash for what she owed me and I was happy to close that door. Eventually I will run into her, but I don’t give a crap. I know I did the right thing and she will NOT intimidate me or give me shit for her screw-up. So at the end of the day: I got the money. Thank goodness.

This week it’s back to the grind but I have a great ending in sight. Thursday my best friend comes into town from Chi-town, and then Friday another one of my good friends is driving up from Maryland with her boyf. to hang out with me and my girl K for a mini-college reunion (yes, we’re all proud ass ‘Canes) to party it up for my town’s annual St. Patrick’s day parade and bar crawl. Get right!

Enjoy your week all you lovely sexy people. 😉

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