absolutely appalled!

I was watching the Today Show this morning and was disgusted by story I heard. I’ve found an article explaining the story. Let me know your thoughts. I mean, honestly, wtf is wrong with people today? I hope this nice couple gets their precious lil pup back.

North Dallas Puppy Stolen Before Christmas
DALLAS — On Christmas Eve our little pug Scooter disappeared from our back yard (North Dallas – Midway and Royal). He was a year and a half old and we had raised him since he was a little puppy. We were devastated and felt that we had lost our little baby.
With the help of our neighbors we searched everywhere in the neighborhood, but he was nowhere to be found. We spent Christmas Eve crying and woke up early Christmas morning searching again, hoping beyond hope that we would find him. We posted signs around the neighborhood, but nobody knew anything about what happened to Scooter.
On New Years’ Day, we received a strange letter from Tulsa. It was from the person who had taken Scooter. It was a sad story about a mother who seemed very down, having lost her home, job, and custody of her daughter due to her own personal decisions. She had taken our beautiful dog to give to her daughter on Christmas.
While she knew she had done the wrong thing by giving her daughter our dog, she did not want to tell her daughter and her ex-husband the truth about the dog that they now thought was theirs. The letter was not clear where the daughter lives, but they spent Christmas in Dallas with family.
We cannot understand how this mother could destroy another family just to make up for her past and pray that someone out there knows about a girl that got a pug for Christmas and helps us get our little baby back. We don’t want anything bad to come to this family and are more than happy to buy the little girl a new dog and anything else that would reward her for taking such good care of our dog the past week. We just want Scooter to come home.
If you know anything about this situation, please email me at bringscooterhome@gmail.com. Thanks.

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