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Oh my Jamie-lyn!

I got to bed at 8:48pm and just woke up 10 minutes ago! I feel wonderful! I work both jobs tonight, so that sleep was just what I needed.

In other news, I just heard on the today show, Jamie-Lyn Spears is pregnant and “keeping the baby”! She’s 16 which I guess is “the big shocker” and she is a role-model for young teens (as she’s the star of some show on either Disney or ABC family, to be honest I don’t know which one). Now, keeping it real, my very own mother had me at a very young age and both Mom and me are fine, almost 27 years later…however, I just think that in this day and age no matter how old or young you are, we must be careful and protect ourselves from not only babies, but other unwanted things, such as STD’s. Now, maybe she “wanted” to have a baby, but at age 16, I could tell you, all I wanted was to be out with my friends at the roller rink!

I just hope she knows what she’s getting herself into, and can go through this pregnancy with the best interest of this child at heart and now herself, her family or her publicity.*

Ok, shower time!!

*Disclaimer: My intention is never to offend anyone and I don’t want to battle over views and who’s right or who’s wrong…this is MY blog, so I will express MY opinions. That’s all folks!

3 thoughts on “Oh my Jamie-lyn!

  1. Its Nickelodeon. And at sixteen if I had told my mother my 19 year ole boyfriend was going to come live with me, she’d probably have smacked me upside my head…after hear own head stopped spinning like the exorcist. Mistakes like that can happen…but c’mon?! Live in boyfriend at 16? Isn’t that ASKING for trouble? Big Momma Spears should really rethink that parenting book she’s writing…

  2. Mecca, I concur… I had you at a young age and look how fabulous you turned out! As for me, I’m not doing so bad myself… it’s taken me a little longer to grab my own personal goals by the horns because you were my first priorty… but now I’m doing me! And might I add that I am doing me well! 🙂 But you bring up a good point in pointing out the potential health risks that are prevalent in this day and age. Finally, I too hope that the baby is held as a priority in Jamie-lyn’s decision to keep it. Love you… Mom 🙂

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