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Ok, people. The jig is up. I am so darn tired, I am sitting at my desk and can barely keep my eyes open. Trust me, it’s not because of lack of work, but definitely because of lack of sleep. So instead of falling asleep here at my desk, I decided to quickly post to keep me alert, say a quick “keep me awake prayer” and if that doesn’t work, then I’ll just have to run around the office, in boots and all to revive myself. Sure the coworkers might think I’m a wack job but hey, at least I’ll be awake.

When the ex and I broke up, I prayed to be busy. Busy, busy, busy. Anything and everything to get my mind off of the gaping hole in my heart. I became captain of my work running team and started running 5K’s left and right. I became a slave to the gym (I need to do that anyway, THIS was just the kick in the pants to do it), I arranged weekly gathering with friends, planned vacation after vacation, started volunteering to travel for work, journaling/blogging, etc. I also started doing the tiniest little things at home, to shake things up. I started sleeping on the other side of the bed (hardest habit to break or start by the way), re-arranged my dresser drawers, filled my wall space with new pictures of all of my girls, trying to cook more often for myself – whatever. Any and everything to get my mind off the gaping hole. Well, months (and months) later, I am successfully busy. And with the holidays and all the socializing, probably too busy. So I’m not sleeping as well I should be, and I’m not working out as much as I normally do, so I’m cranky. I just have to remember in two weeks, things will slow down and be back to normal, so just hold on.

In other news, Mr. Smith called me again. He wants to get together for dinner tomorrow. I’m happy he enjoyed my company enough to want to hang out with me again, but deep down inside, I really want to go to the Tuesday night spin class. I’ll think about it and decide. (I don’t mean to seem like such a snob, I would love to see him again, I’m just tired/cranky).

Tonight my group is being taken out by one of our agencies, which should be fun. As soon as it’s over, I’m going home and going to bed. (Realistically, I’ll be online, reading all today’s updates on my fav blogs – cause you people are honestly the shit and I enjoy reading your blogs so much).

Anyway, guess I should take that jog around the cubicles now. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Hmmm, date with Mr. Smith or Spin class… I am confused. I know that your on a mission and all with staying in shape but isn’t Mr. Smith here on business? Didn’t you have a good time… or am I… as I stated confused. I think you do need a good nights sleep. Love you Mom.P.S. One more thing, is this the Mr. Smith that shared the same trait as you with talking about himself? (smile)

  2. Ha ha ha! I don’t know what’s funnier…that Smith might get dissed for a bike…or that you’re mom corrected herself on her homophone mistake! Too cute.

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