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Crema o Azucar??

Almost every morning, I stop by Dunkin Donuts (affectionately called “Double D’s”)* and get a medium french vanilla, light (with cream) and two splenda. Although I try not to drink my calories, I always rationalize this idea with the fact that I am getting splenda as opposed to real sugar, so why not have a nice light pretty coffee? Well last night night, my subconscious Mecca had it out with my internal self about this. I never drink whole milk (I barely drink two percent), so why drink a 1/2 of cream every morning?

Not only is it added senseless calories, I never even take the top off my coffee, so I don’t even get to SEE my pretty light drink! As of today, I am a “medium french vanilla, skim, two splenda please?” kind of girl. I save about anywhere between 50-75 calories. And since I love food, I’d rather save my calories for THAT.

Off to Double D’s…and work of course.

*Not to be confused with Double D’s the lil nudey joint that no longer exists in my town. But boy did it cause a stir when it was around!

One thought on “Crema o Azucar??

  1. I love it! But now I must know…did you taste a difference in your coffee this morning? I personally do taste a difference from when I use cream or skim…but I do think that cream is a treat…which I now only indulge in once in a while…for you my friend are an inspiration on many levels…and getting my ass in gear and bringing sexy back is just one way in which you have motivated me to be a better me 🙂 For that I love you lots…that and you’re my sister…from another mother.

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