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Gym? Hair? Ugh.

Ok, as vain as it may be, my hair, one of my obsessions as you may get from earlier posts is one, ok, let’s keep it real, is probably the soul deciding factor of what activity I will do at the gym on any given day. Normally, I like to run because it’s “my time” and nobody can take “my time” away from me, however, being that I just got my hair done at the salon yesterday (Saturdays are typically my day) and I don’t want my hair “sweated-out”, I probably will not run. (No, I don’t wash my hair everyday; it’s probably a culture). Call it what you want people…but personally, my hair trumps that powerful workout I desire; at least until I’ve been able to get my money’s worth of nice, free-flowing hair. Said example of the “nice, free-flowing” stuff I spend so much time worrying about to the right (pic of Kris and I at pre-Turkey Day festivities). With that said, I probably will just ride the stationary bike or lift and leave the cardio behind today. I feel a little guilty, but my rationale is something is better than nothing? Right? After that I’ll do my typical Dunkin Donuts run and get started with my day. Like I said, something is better than nothing…

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