Missing the locks…

I miss my long hair. Looking at my main pic, I am loathing Alta and her palace a whole heck of a lot. (Alta is the woman who cut my hair, when I asked for a trim). So right now, I look more like this:

instead of the long haired goddess that I had grown to know and love (see profile pic). (Notice the tip of the hair falling just slightly on the clavicle bone…) And granted, I was in desperate need of a good choppin’, because my hair is slowly but surely growing back just as healthy as ever…but the point is, I NEVER asked for a cut. Especially two days before my 4 days before my 26th birthday. In any case, what’s done is now done and I guess I should just be thankful I have hair and that its growing back to be nice and healthy. 🙂 Off to bed, to dream of becoming Rapunzel.

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