Why closets fall apart?

My damn closet broke. How does a closet break do you ask? Well, a ton of weight was on top and hanging from the wardrobe shelving and it fell. Now my room looks like a tornado came through due to endless amounts of clothes everywhere.* As I’m staring around, too lazy to go to Home Depot and fix the problem, I am thinking about my life. Great, my life. And wondering if this closet scenario is in fact some sort of metaphor for how things have been going lately. I mean, everything was fine one day. My clothes were hung. Then in an instant, everything was on the floor; in disarray. No order, all mayhem. That’s exactly how the end of my relationship ended. Slowly but surely, I am cleaning and re-organizing and getting myself prepared to go to Home Depot…just as I am moving on in my life and letting go of my past. But this time aorund, when my closet is all clean, I will have less clothes and less “stuff”, just as I will have less baggage from my past relationship. So, why do closets fall apart??? I guess everything does happen for a reason. Even if it is the biggest pain in the tucchus.

*Note to self – donate MORE clothes to the Salvation Army. Fill up as manay garbage bags as you can and just when you think you have enough, fill up 1 more.

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