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I’m alive and it’s Friday (Favorites)! | April 22nd

Hello my lovelies! Happy Earth Day and Friday! Are you shocked that I’m actually posting? While I offer no excuses, I will tell you what I’ve been up to and say that life has been OOC lately but in a good way. In the last month, I celebrated a big birthday with dear friends in Miami. I also started a new workout challenge which has me burning 5 days a week. I ran my first race and had three more visitors. Finally, work is picking up again due to a big developer’s conference we have coming up in mid-May. That said, I’ve missed you guys. (As in, I’ve drafted several posts which are half written or incomplete – hey, I tried).

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Any who, it’s my favorite day of the week … but it’s a rainy one here in SF. To celebrate, I plan on doing a load of laundry, curling up on the couch and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy (which I’m totally back into this season and seriously OBSESSED). #ThisIs35

I’ll follow that up with a hike and going away celebration with friends tomorrow (not my going away, lol) and more working out on Sunday. Hope you have a fabulous weekend on deck.

friday - beverage
What are you drinking?

Quote of the week: “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” — Prince (RIP you talented, sexy, iconic soul)


  • So if you’ve been around for a while, you know I have a fierce love of TV, but what you may not know is that I’m also obsessed with reading. Although truth be told, I don’t always have the time. When I can sneak away, one of my guilty pleasure has been the Marc Kadella legal series by Dennis Carstens [topic(s): mystery, thriller, suspense]. I blew through all four books pretty quickly last summer and was legit sad when I ended book 4 back in the fall. So imagine how happy I was my friend Amazon notified me that Dennis Carstens released Book 5, Personal Justice, which I didn’t even know was coming. I can’t wait to download that bad boy to the Kindle and get cracking. Once I start, I’m sure I won’t be able to put it down.
  • This bit of hilarity and amazing choreographed routine to boot:

friday - pandas


The team at reached out to me about some research they did on dry shampoo; which as a black woman who 1) is a nerd 2) admittedly doesn’t wash her hair every day and 3) uses dry shampoo to keep my hair fresh, I loved. After reviewing this research and trying out this one and this one (chosen based on my hair type), I finally decided I preferred the latter, which not only smells great but also offers an option for dark hair. Happy to have this deliciousness in my beauty arsenal. Thanks,!

friday - reviews dry shampoo
Did you know this about dry shampoo?


  • Prince. (also YouTube) I really don’t have to say more about that, do I? #devastated #legend
friday - prince
Source: my friend Obi who painted this beautiful gem. Insta: @obiio


  • While I love catching up with the Skimm first thing in the am, I was feeling a bit uninspired by the digest. That’s when my friend Amy told me about Fortune’s The Broadsheet, which dishes on “the world’s most powerful women.” A digest focused on women? Sounds like a good addition for my arsenal to me! Who run the world?


  • In my older age, I have become seriously lactose intolerant. (Sad). As a result, I no longer eat yogurt. I did however, discover this lovely coconut water-flavored liquid probiotic which is the bomb diggity. (Yes, I did just say that). If you want a little something to improve your digestive health, go on out to Whole Foods and get you some… I highly recommend it. (More on probiotics on WedMd)

friday - probiotics

  • Cramped for space? This small apartment workout from Life in Leggings gets the job done.

Disclaimer: While this is not a sponsored post, this post contains a few affiliate links. That said, all opinions are my own and I only recommend products, services and systems that I actually use, own and/or love.

Tell me: Do you use dry shampoo? What’s your favorite Prince song?

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4 thoughts on “I’m alive and it’s Friday (Favorites)! | April 22nd

  1. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try dry shampoo but I figured it wasn’t for ‘us’. With this baby…..I’m sad to say I DEFINITELY don’t get to wash my hair everyday or every other *hangs my head in shame*. I’m going to try what you suggested and I’ll let you know if my ‘almost husband’ has good things to say while we spoon at night.

    Fav Prince Song :: Adore! Hands down, all time fav (RIP to the prettiest man I’ve ever seen in my life) #sosad

    1. Def give it a shot. That one or you can also try dry bar’s dry shampoo. Both smell delicious and help to keep the hair fresh in between washes. And I’m so sad about Prince. That sexy mf.

  2. meccaaaaaaaaa, i miss you. so, i tried Living Proof dry shampoo and girl, i swore off of that crap because it left my hair WHITE ok WHITEEEEE i was so confused as to why the spray was leaving residual crap, so i returned it, but duh i guess i could’ve tried something more aligned with my hair type, not one promoted by Jen Aniston. I’ll be back to Sephora to try one of your recos and to rack up to try to get to VIB ROUGE! I was never a huge Prince fan but definitely VERY sad about his passing. While listening to The Read this morning, they said “Don’t Hurt Yourself” was reminiscent of some Prince song. I wonder if Beyonce did that purposefully and if so, wow, timing. That is my fave song on the album hands down. That panda image is hilarious lol you should come to ATL when Drake/Future are performing here. Do it.

    1. Tiff, I miss you, too. For the dry shampoo, I spray very lightly and then make sure to brush through my hair vigorously enough so it doesn’t appear white. Drake/Future are coming here too. I think tickets went on sale today. I do need to make a trip down to ATL. Think I’ll be home in NYC/NJ for the second half of June and sad you won’t be there for me to see you too. We could go to a day party and do hoodrat things with our friends. Lol.

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