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…has all the makings of being a shit day. Last night I went to dinner with some friends and had two glasses of red wine because, well…Monday. (This really doesn’t need an explanation, am I right?) Came home (at a decent time), chugged water, went to bed.

Well, I’ve only been up for an hour but here’s how its gone down.

I woke up late. With a hangover. From two glasses of red wine. I mean, why? When did I become so old that I can barely get down two glasses of wine without feeling like I have a chorus line tap dancing on my brain?

I manage to drag myself to the shower, take some Excedrin, chug some coconut water. I’m surviving.

I check the weather and Mr. Weather dot com says no rain until 4pm so I try to dress accordingly. After changing (I kid you not) 8 times, I finally figure out what to wear and head out the door.

Walk outside. Hello rain. It’s not 4pm but lovely to see you again. Thankfully, I bought my umbrella.

Rush to my shuttle stop which is like a 10 min walk. I’m trying to put my keys in my backpack, get my ID out of my backpack, find my head phones which are stuffed in another part of my backpack…all while keeping my rain coat hood on my head and using my 3rd go-go Gadget hand to fish out my umbrella which is…no surprise…stuffed in yet another compartment of my damn backpack. (First of all, why is everything scattered? Second, why is my backpack like the largest effing thing in the world right now?)

As I’m doing this, I’m also crossing the street. A tangled mess of cords and lanyard (from my ID and my headphones) and umbrella half way open, trying to make sure nothing falls. I’m almost across to the other side when HONK. Loud AF. Um, excuse me…do you SEEEEEE the little white man on the crosswalk sign? Chill the eff out, dude because last time I checked: I had the right of way.

Ok, so I get across the street after giving the driver the East Coast death stare (you know what I mean? The “don’t start none, won’t be none” look) and gain my composure. I get my headphone in my ears, my ID in my pocket, my umbrella over my head. Life is good.

I approach the next cross walk. Jamming to Toto’s Africa, (because, 80s music is life), when a car comes barreling through the yellow light and proceeds to splash the LARGEST puddle of DIRTY STREET WATER on me.

Carrie Bradshaw, satc, puddle

Hello, God. It’s me, Mecca. Is this really happening right now?

The light turns and I see my cue to walk across the street, which I try to do with my head held high, even though (what feels like) a million people are staring/laughing at me. The second I make it across, I drop my phone. Great. (Thankfully, no damage).

I chuckle and think to myself, the only thing that would make this morning of fun even more hilarious is if I missed my shuttle bus. (Good news: I did not).

I get on the bus, which is a double decker. I head upstairs and almost trip up the stairs (almost). At this point, I think to myself that this day is shit and I just need to sit the eff down because I am a hazard to myself. I proceed to find a seat and as I’m making my way in, I bump my head on the over head compartment.

For about 2 seconds, I wanted to cry. But then I remembered this email I received from my friend Shelly the other day that had some pretty powerful messages from her pastor’s Sunday sermon. It basically talked about having an attitude of gratitude, making a good day (instead of having one) and how believing positive thoughts leads to positive results. It is at this moment that I remember: all the feels that I am feeling are simply because I’m alive. Which, thank God for that, right?

I can chose to feel sorry for myself but looking at the much bigger picture, there are people who would love for their largest concern to be a splash of dirty street water. These are not problems, these are blessings! So instead of saying Tuesday is a terrible, horrible, no good day, very bad day, I’m going to say, I still have my whole day to turn this ship around.

Here’s to being more positive in 2016. Have a great day, friends!

Tell me: When’s the last time you had a bad day? When’s the last time you turned things around? How do you maintain a positive outlook? 

Disclaimer: Wrote via phone (that fell but didn’t break!) while gBussing. Pardon any typos.



12 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Awww I’m sorry you had a terrible START to your day but it’s only the beginning doll. The remainder will be as fabulous as you are! Be blessed, woosah and shake it off ❤️

    I’ve been there, out, with the baby, in the rain (or not), he’s screaming his head off, I want to scream mine off, dropping things, forgetting his bottle or his wipes, or whatever. I stop and think, not today Devil! I have the best life EVER! Sometimes, we just allow life to get the best of us *cheers*

    1. Aw, thanks Candy pie! I hear that. It’s like, excuse me Devil, I’m gonna need you to get behind me. Haha! Thanks for reading and commenting. Means a lot. ❤️ Give my birthday twin a smooch for me!

  2. Wow what a morning!! I hope it gets better for you today. The last time I had a bad day I was rushing out the door to bring bella to her Dr’s appoint for 830 when it was sleeting outside get there on time to find out nope we missed the appointment at 8:00 when I entered it wrong in my calendar. Wished someone called to confirm I was still coming due to the conditions outside but needless to say I took the fall and rescheduled for another day. although I’m pissed we missed the appointment have to learn to roll with the punches of life and just keep it moving. Yes my motto is to stay positive be positive also because not being that you carry this wait called “woah is me” and who needs that. Punch that feeling sorry for yourself and negativity and keep it moving because life doesn’t stop. Wishing you the best day today and always xoxox -Amy

    1. Girl, I would have been pissed if I had made it all the way there and risked my life in that sleet only to have missed the appt. So I feel you. But like you said, gotta take the L. And at least you two made it there and back safely. Miss you. Give my Belly beans a hug for me!

  3. Yesterday: Drove around all day without a wallet.
    Today: Got dressed to go to the gym and drove to work instead. Creature of habit.
    Dear February, Mecca and I will own you.

  4. Almost wet my pants reading your post Mecky… Don’t mean to laugh at your morning mishaps of bloopers but I was able to envision everything in the way that you explained it! GREAT WRITING.

    As for me… I had one of those days this past Saturday upon arriving at my photo shoot gig. I had to use the restroom SO BAD… and although, I had to park a block away and had to carry two bags and my makeup chair, I felt that I could make it to the restroom on time.

    While walking the block, I dropped one of my bags twice in my attempts to reposition my chair on my arm (as it was obvious that I should have made two trips but there was no turning back because I was halfway up the block already). When I finally reached the front of the building the door was locked… so, I phoned the photographer, whose studio (by the way) is freakin’ located on the 7th floor of the building, so… YEP… it took him (what felt like a year) to come down and open the door for me.

    Upon getting upstairs to his studio, I immediately dropped my bags and promptly asked where the restroom was (because by this time my bladder was ready to flow like a river) so imagine how stunned I was when he informed me that it was 2 stories below and required a key to get in and that the model (who’d arrived before me) was using it. While my brain was screaming “OMG…. a man must have designed this building”… I began practicing my dancing moves… Yep… “the twist” was in full affect until she came back (which felt like yet another GOT DAMN year). (Good News) I made it in the knick of time and was giving all honor and praise aloud to the baby Jesus while my river flowed! When life throws us unexpected curb balls one can only thank GOD for pulling us through! ~MOM XOXOXO 🙂

  5. Wait my yesterday morning definitely sucked too. I was biking to work in the rain and everyone was being SO aggressive I was like can you please not. Then work was… work. And I was there until 7 pm. But came home and had Blue Barn and wine for dinner so it all panned out. You aren’t alone in the sucky day category yesterday! xo

    1. Oh man, Cass! I can’t even imagine biking in the rain! You are seriously dedicated. So glad your day picked up, though (even if it happened only AFTER you got home). Excited for Soul on Sat! xo

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