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[2016] January Goals

I always have goals. And more often than not, I either have big lofty goals or I have BHAGs (bee-hags). What’s a BHAG you ask? A BHAG is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. A goal that sometimes, at the time of conception, seem completely unachievable.

For example, my sophomore year of college I had a communications professor who was utterly obsessed with Cosmopolitan magazine. And because she loved it so much, she found a way to infuse Cosmo-related conversation and activities into every class. And then one day as I was flipping through the pages, I made the decision that I wanted to work there. From that moment on, it became my (big hairy audacious) goal to get an internship at Cosmo — with no prior magazine experience and not a single connection to the publication industry. Seven months after that initial thought, I was walking into 224 W 57th (Hearst Publications’ building at the time) for my first day of an integrated marketing internship. That internship turned into full-time work for me which I’m certain has opened up the doors for so many of the opportunities that have come down the pipeline…and it all started with one crazy ass dream that I made my #1 goal.

That said, I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals and what I’d like to accomplish this year (some which I shared just the other day). And while having big lofty goals and BHAGs are amazing, I’ve realized that they can be extremely overwhelming. So after reading my friend Erica’s newsletter on goal setting recently, I decided I want to break down some of my larger, more lofty goals for this year, into more specific but digestible sub-goals that I know I can realistic achieve in the month of January and cross-off my list. And what better to break up yearly goals then to divvy them up by month?

Here’s a look at January:

Unpack my life here in SF. I’ve moved in but my things have not yet arrived. I hope to get my things and have everything in its place by the end of the month. I’m tired of living out of a suitcase and as I always say “messy bed, messy head”. When my room isn’t in order, neither is my life.

Develop a new monthly budget. New city, new expenses. It’s time to look at the hard facts and develop a new financial budget.

Pay off two of my graduate student loans. My grad student loans aren’t consolidated yet (I know, I know) but the benefit of that is that I can knock out a few of my smaller ones before consolidating them all. (Thank you yearly bonus). One step at a time, right?

Attend three fitness classes here in the Bay. I’ve got to learn my way in and around the fitness scene starting with a spin class at a small boutique fitness studio in Oakland this weekend.

Make two new friends. While I have friends from business school in the area, I also want to make an effort to meet some of the many friends of friends I’ve been connected to.

Update my dating profiles. With the new year and the move, I’m dusting off the cobwebs and updating my dating profiles.

Identify someone to redesign my blog. I recently joined this blogger project which has me thinking a lot about growth for The Path, so this month I’m investigating hosting services and a looking into designers who could possibly work with me on a blog redesign.

Do you goal set? Care to share a goal?

6 thoughts on “[2016] January Goals

  1. Hi!

    This email excites me so much (and not just because of the shout out :)! I love that you’re back from your blogging break.

    My goals this year are to continue building up this little peanut of a business I have and to see my friends like you!

    Glad that you’re settling into SF. Are you liking the new job so far?

    1. Aw, E. I miss you! Job is great and you’d be proud to know I took the muni to the SF office this am and it was great! As far as your goals, given what you’ve been able to do so far, I know you will KILL it. So happy to have friends like you who motivate and inspire me to keep reaching to make my dreams come true!

  2. Mecca! Your such an inspiration and so glad your one of my greatest friends. By reading your blogs you motivate me to be better. Coming back from an ankle break I have been walking more and continue to make better health choices. My goal is to up my steps to running and I know that will happen. Already working on the budget as my BHAG (love that word lol) is to settle down to buy a home. As scary as it is I’m praying for the best. My work goal is to get a certification in project management. Went to a seminar and ready to take the course to get the certificate. Also to travel out west!! Lol wishing you much happiness in San Fran!! And keep writing!! 🙂

  3. Hi Mecky, Oh my goodness… I am so behind on reading your blog posts, but am SO EXCITED that I can get my fix/fill of what’s been going on! That said… it is obvious that my priority goal is to get up-to-date with your past published blog posts. I can’t very well live up to (my status in my head of) being your #1 follower and fan without doing so! 🙂 Love, love, love how focused and committed you are to getting adjusted out in Cali. It warms my heart in knowing that you “my baby girl and heart & soul” GOT THIS newly embarked life adventure on lock!!!! Can’t wait to read about every goal you’ve reached and to celebrate in your accomplishments. I am beaming with pride… Love you and the woman that you are more than words can describe! ~MOM XOXOXO 🙂

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