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How Netflix is Making my Life


Real quick: Although I don’t have a bed or 90% of my belongings, my first night in my SF apartment was a success. And to soothe my soul even further about this transition, I saw a Whole Foods, Safeway, Starbucks (although I know SF has many wonderful coffee joints) and a barre studio on my 10 min walk to my work shuttle stop this morning. #word

Ok, ok… so onto why I’m reveling in Netflix right now. Making a Murderer. Guys, this docuseries is everything. No, for real.

As background, I love TV. And not a little, but a lot. Like, would much rather sit on my couch watching an episode of a good show than go out to dinner, a lot. Additionally, I’m admittedly obsessed with crime stories and whodunnits. Whether a TV show like Dateline or the First 48, a whole network like Investigation Discovery, a podcast like Serial or a fictional book series such as the Marc Kadella Legal series novels I read this past summer, I eat this shit up for breakfast.

Add in the fact that I heart Netflix and its original content (um, hello… House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Narcos to name a few), it’s no wonder it was recommended to me. This is my type of show.

Filmed over a 10 year period, this fascinating series follows the real-life story of Steven Avery, “a DNA exoneree who, while in the midst of exposing corruption in local law enforcement, finds himself the prime suspect in a grisly new crime.” (Source

I started watching a few days ago and in between small things like, you know, bringing in the new year and moving cross country, I haven’t been able to turn away. Simply put it’s absolutely riveting. So, if you’re looking for something to watch, get on that. And then let me know so we can discuss. Mm, kay?

Tell me: What are your favorite shows? 

PS: For those who may be weary because they find murder mysteries scary, fear not. While grim, this is not a gory, need to cover your eyes, horror-type documentary. If you’re scared at all, it will most likely be from the fact that, given the way our justice system is supposed to work, something like this could even happen at all.



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  1. Glad to hear about Whole Foods, Starbucks, Safeway & Barre and really glad you are enjoying Netflix considering you are a TV lover! As you know we are polar opposites when it comes to the thrill of watching crime stories and whodunnits… But am excited about chatting it up with you about the Bachelor starring the oh so handsome and sweet natured Ben Higgins!XOXOXOXO 🙂

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