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Happy birthday Bella!

Everyone who knows me knows how much I adore my friends kids.  It started back in May of 2005 with the birth of my godson, and my adoration for these kids has only grown as my girlfriends have continued to introduce me into these baby rock stars.

A couple of years ago, I talked about one baby rock star in particular, the first girl to come into the group*.  I talked about my maternal instinct and how I instantaneously fell in love with her, baby Isabella, or Bella as we all call her.  I was one of A&D’s [her parents] first friends to meet Bella at the hospital, and because of my love of 24 and trashy reality TV (which brought me over to their house every Monday night), I’ve been blessed to watch her learn and grow into this amazing little person with thoughts and opinions and a personality like no other.  She’s an awesome kid and I’m lucky to know her.

Today that little baby girl who I was so proud to hold a few years ago is 4 years old.  I’ll see her later tonight to celebrate with cake and pizza, a tradition that regardless of where I am in the world, I have not yet missed.  Can’t wait!

Happy 4th birthday, Bella!  You are loved. 🙂

Bella with the big guy just a few days ago

*Little did I know that by the end of 2011 there would be plenty of baby girl rock stars around, but thankfully there are.

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