Guess who’s bi-zack?

Yup, That’d be me. I’m back. Relaxed and feeling great. Happy to be getting settled back into normal (aka boring) life but definitely not excited about going back to work tomorrow. At least it’s only a half day. I’m waaaay too exhausted to get into any trip details at the moment (as the 6 hour time difference has kicked my tail), however I just wanted to say hello (I’ve missed you much & I’m reading through all the updates between laundry loads) and share a few pics. In no particular order, but here we go. On the plane on the way in to Hawaii…8 hours and 17 minutes into the plane ride from Chicago to Maui to be exact. (Oh no, it didn’t stop there -and THEN to Kona, my final destination). Mind you, I had to be up waaay early (2:45am EST) to catch my first flight out of Newark to O’Hare (3 hour layover in O’Hare), so I’d been up a gazillion hours at this point (I think about 19 hours, with only 3 hours sleep the night before), sucking in that very thin cabin air, starving half to death because I only had a tiny salad (seriously folks, I could have counted the pieces of lettuce on my one hand) -which I was charged $7 for btw – ready to pluck my eyeballs out. Wearing my contacts on a million hour flight?? Yea, not such a great idea. The best part of the plane ride (besides the vodka/sodas I so happily downed) was the movie, “Because I Said So”, which is a favorite of my mother’s and mine. But let me shut my big fat mouth because at the end of the day, I’d stay up 24 hours straight any day to have the experience again…and props to United for having the BEST flight attendants EVER! They were so cheerful and positive and un-grumpy (yes, I made up a word) that it kept us motivated throughout the flight.
Anna, my bestie and I after we did this ridic trail to see lava spewing (spell?) into the ocean. It was pretty cool. Although, a rocky trail under a hot sun, with no water in hand almost led me to break my ankle twice in exhaustion. No harm, no foul though. It’s all good!
Guard rail aside, is this not an awesome view? Hawaii is just gorgeous. If you ever have the opportunity to go, please do!

Ok, back to laundry and catching up on all your blogs!! If I don’t fall asleep first…

PS – I also have to update you ladies on Mr. C. He only *gently* stalked me while I was in Hawaii with e-mails, texts and calls. I guess after not responding to his weak e-mail before I left, he finally got the hint (ding, ding, ding!) that something was clearly wrong.

PPS – Sorry if there are spelling errors or if this makes no sense at all. In Hawaii it’s only 10-something in the morning, so I’d just be waking up. My plane left Kona at 4:45pm (which was 10:45 pm EST) and technically I have been up since 7am Hawaii time (which was 1pm YESTERDAY July 9 in Jersey) and now it’s almost 4:30 pm (EST) so that’s more than 24 hours at this point…you understand, right?

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