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a day late…

“Hey Mec, how are you?? How’s your day going??….I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you last night, things got a little hectic. By the time I got your message, it was a little late.”

That’s the bullshit ass email I got from C today at around 1:45pm explaining why he canceled our date. And did I reply? Hell to the nah. Ummm, I’m sorry C…you might not be a dollar short but you are definitely a day later. You clearly have me mistaken for a doormat; but the last time I checked, I’m not the one to be walked all over. I’m sorry people, but I am just fuming. He could have AT LEAST given me the courtesy of calling me (not emailing aka bailing) to tell me he was cancelling our date. I’m just not the one. I can’t be bothered. I’m calling a spade a spade and walking away. But there is a bright side…better now than later.

With all I’ve been through I’ve definitely learned:

When people show you who they…believe them!

3 thoughts on “a day late…

  1. Amen to the Oprah quote!Anyways, man, he keeps showing how immature he is. Erase his number, block his email address, do not let this fool occupy the tiniest space in your life.Move on… NEXT!Oh, and have an amazing time in Hawaii!

  2. that’s awful. I think you are very wise for ending it here. He’s going to have to make a huge effort if he wants you back after this.~La Petite Belle

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