I did it!!

I finally did it. I REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT! Ok. My friends and family have been on this weight loss journey with me and I am happy to report after almost 2 long years, I have lost a total of 32 lbs. and am now pretty much back to “normal”. I feel confident and most importantly, comfortable in my own skin again. 🙂

Before – April of 2006

After – February of 2008

Here’s the journey along the way.

October of 2006 – Me and my “homeslice” R. (Of course, my girlfriend R in the picture always looks great!)

I was down about 10lbs from my heaviest (April) and I had just started Weight Watchers with my best Sin. We only lasted until about December, but we kept the learnings and the money in our pockets.
February of 2007 – me with Mel (my childhood friend and a modern day Pocahontas).
About 15 lbs down from the beginning, although you can still see it in my face an arms.

June of 2007 with Sin, K and much shorter hair (ahhhh). I was down about 22 lbs. I also started going to the gym more regularly, so although I wasn’t losing very quickly, I was toning and firming and becoming stronger overall.

@ Dewey Beach (sooo tan, I love it) August of 2007. F—!!!! I hit the Plateau of the century.

Didn’t I tell you I hit the plateau of the century? Probably only another 1 or 2 down if that. This was November and December of 2007. Holidays. Always a killer, but I did my best and was at least able to maintain my weight.

Hard work pays off! Finally lost that final 8 lbs in January and early February. I feel great. I’m stronger and have more endurance. I actually enjoy working out and I have a new lease on life.
Now it’s called: “MAINTENANCE”. But I finally did it. 🙂
(Thanks to my friends and family who listened to me, offered encouragement and who supported me the entire way through. I love you all).

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  1. Thanks. I really appreciate it. Glad you’re back…The Lisa Show was “invite only” for a while, so I was worried I’d never get to read your blog again!

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