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It’s Wednesday morning…

…and once again I have no motivation to start my day off with any “real” work. I’m burnt people. Burnt to a crisp and in desperate need of a day, even better a week, of R&R. So to delay the inevitable, I’ll share with you my latest mission/adventure: FIND A NEW APARTMENT.

Don’t get me wrong. I love where I live, and who I live with, but I just can’t take the space (or lack thereof) any longer. This issue is the whole reason WHY my blog is named what it is named. Why Closets Fall Apart? is not just come quirky little question, it’s my life people. To better understand my situation, you need to understand the set-up of my current living conditions. In April of 07, I moved into my current home (a two bedroom condo, owned by my roommate – I basically rent my bedroom and bathroom and we share common areas). I should have known that I would have had problems with the space (or lack thereof) because over my 26 years and 9 and half months of living, your girl has accumulated shit. I mean, massive amounts of shit. I try not to be a pack rat because I hate clutter and sometimes I can even lose sleep over it, but between my necessities (clothes, shoes, etc.) and my keepsakes (photos, yearbooks, books, and ok, ok, I admit, some old college papers that I just can’t seem to get rid of), I’m basically maxed out. I don’t remember the exact dimensions of my room, but damn, it’s tight in there. I had to get rid of one of my dressers just to have enough room to walk. Not to mention the fact that I had to store a gazillion boxes and huge bins filled with more stuff at my mom’s bf’s house (free of charge, thank goodness) just to get in. I accidentally had to dump a bunch of stuff I had (some with sentimental value) due to the flooding basement of my last apartment but I won’t even get started on that because it makes my blood boil!

Back to my spacial issues – My closet on the other hand, as organized as I tried to make it, is 5′ x 2′ of pure small hell. My closet has fallen apart on me TWICE since I’ve been there…and when I mean fall apart, I mean, the whole top shelf has come unattached from the wall ripping the wall into a nice giant hole that in turn had to be spackled and repainted. I was frantic. Aside from the actual wall and the hollowness behind it being totally exposed, my clothes and storage bins on top of the shelves were scattered and thrown all through the closet and I have yet to get it back to a functional order.

In addition to the small amount of space in my room, my bathroom is even tighter! Literally, I can not turn around without bumping into something (whether it be my towel rack, stand up shower door, toilet itself or sink). My scale has to stand up straight against the wall because lying it flat is just not an option. No vanity. My robe which hangs on the back of the door, is so fluffy, it prevents the door from opening in its entirety, so I have to move the robe and hang it on a dining room chair when I’m doing my hair, or applying make-up, just so that I don’t hyperventilate from claustrophobia when I’m in there.

With my malfunctioning closet and lack of space (both closet and room), I am basically sitting on top of myself in my room, which is where I spend most of my time being that “it’s not my condo” and I don’t even feel 100% comfy lounging in the common areas like I have in my past living situations.

All that said, I still love the place and my roomie who owns the place and hate the fact that I’m even considering leaving, but I just can’t take it anymore. I like to live clutter-free with big open, airy spaces. Is that too much to ask? My goal is to find a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with a storage area (or large closets) and a washer and dryer in the unit; which in my neck of the woods is like finding a friggin‘ needle in a haystack; but I am determined. Determined to find a space all my own…large closets and all.

In the meantime, I need to re-organize and try to merge/purge even more. Any suggestions? I need bed lifts to fit more underneath my bed, although, I don’t know just yet how I feel about having to take a running jump start just to get on my bed (or if I even have the space to take a running jump start), but I’ll do what I have to do. Any other suggestions? (I already have sweater and shoe holders for the closet and stackable bins upon bins).

Anyway, I guess I should get back to work, being that it’s what they pay me for.

Happy Hump Day and thanks for listening!

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