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Friday Favorites| April 29th

Happy Friday beautiful people! I sit here typing with itchy, watery eyes and a stuffy (yet runny) nose thanks to my good friends, Pollen and Ragweed. And despite a cocktail of the best anti-histamines on the planet, I just can’t fight it. According to, the pollen, grass and weed counts are high with levels expected to only increase over the next few days. It was so bad two weekends ago, that I was actually having trouble breathing, but thankfully, breathing comfort quality is good and expected to become very good over the weekend. (Thank Him above for small favors).

friday fav -

Because I’m on allergy meds, I’m drinking good old water today!

friday favorites - water

This weekend is expected to be jam-packed thanks to friends passing through the city for various reasons. Tonight I have a happy hour with some Fuqua girls, followed by dinner with Kristine and Jane, two out of three of my fave SF workout buddies.

Tomorrow, pending my allergies clear up, I’m doing a morning Burn session (which I am slowly becoming obsessed with), followed by coffee with a friend in town, an afternoon Soul class and dinner at a vegan restaurant with another friend. (Btw, I sound soooo San Francisco right now – two workouts in a day and a vegan restaurant? Lol). Finally on Sunday, I’m having breakfast with my NYC Soul Cycle sister, Karen, who is visiting from LA, followed by a hike and lunch date. No rest for the weary. Whatsoever.

Wishing you a happy FRI-YAY and a fabulous weekend. Now, onto Friday Favorites (last one in April because time is seriously FLYYYYING by).


  • I downloaded Snapchat (username: emelledub) a few months ago after heavy resistance. But since social media is a big part of my job, I figured I needed to know what the kids were doing these days. Now, I’m all kinds of hooked – just when the kids are probably moving on to all other kinds of stuff.

friday favorites - snapchat

  • Discovered a new hiking trail last week. I don’t reallllly hike but with views that are to die for, I find it’s a great way to explore the city.
friday fav - hiking
Tennessee Trail
  • This just cracked me up.

friday fav - funny

  • This week I helped launch MODE: these fun, colorful interchangeable watch bands designed for Android Wear.

friday favorites - mode


  • PopSugar Beauty put together this list of 2016 spring polish shades. See any colors you like?
  • Also, I’ve been using this product to help with some uneven toned spots on my face. It’s been about a week and half and maybe I’m crazy but I think it’s working…


  • Even though I love hip-hop and R&B, my taste in music is pretty versatile. Today I’m in the a summer festival kinda of mood and I’ve been listening to my very own “500 days of Summer-esque” Spotify playlist. Read: a lot of Vampire Weekend, HAIM and Phoenix.


  • Happy to add this to my closet. (Rationale: I’ve learned that my arms and shoulders are [in my opinion] my favorite part of my body. They are the first things to get toned when I pick up a weight and given that I’m burning 5x/week, I’m already seeing improvements and definition. Hence why I love halter style tops and dresses).

friday favorites - halter dress

  • And this because you know I love a good graphic tee.


  • Most of you probably aren’t in SF, but I have a give a shoutout to Burn. It’s the one class where I’ve found I’m able to get a good fat burn and cardio burn, which is exactly what this girl needs. Shockingly, my favorite part to workout in class is legs (which is normally my least favorite).
friday favorites - pilates springboard
The Pilates Springboard kicking my ass at Burn.

Tell me: What made you laugh this week? Do you suffer with allergies? If so, how do you deal?

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites| April 29th

  1. UM YES I NNEEEED that Juicy Grapefruit, Creamsicle (LOVE MAMA SOME coralish tones) and that PERFECT Periwinkle nail color! TDF. Does anyone still say TDF? And now I hate you because I want them all- mwah!

    1. I know!! I seriously love nail polish. And that article was RIGHT on time. 🙂 ok, I seriously lamo — what is TDF?!?! Hahaha. Miss you, boo!

      1. Hahaha! I’m just not hip. Becky through out an acronym the other day and I was like, “is that what the kids are saying these days?” Hahahah!

  2. Hi Mecky, Really like your new maxi-dress! You know how I love and always rock maxi dresses! 🙂 Speaking of “love” I really love your latest novelty tee! Very catchy and funny phrase that is so relevant a lot of times. LOL! Check your email to see what made me laugh this week. I hope you’ll find it SO HILARIOUS that it will make topics for your “next” Friday Favorites. Love you! Smooches. P.S. Spring nail colors are pretty too bad I have weak nails and therefore can only use gel colors… The color selections are not as delightful. 🙁 Love you, Mom XOXOXO

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