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A few things I did in August

Well folks. It happened. I was so busy enjoying the last full month of summer that I did not post the entire month of August. Not. one. time. Oops. That said, I definitely missed writing here and sharing bits and pieces of everyday life with whoever is out there reading this. So between that and the fact that my Mom has asked for a Path update a couple times in the last week or so, I figured now is as good a time as any to check in and say hi. Heeeeeey!

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To jump right in and get everyone up to speed, I figured I’d share a few things I did last month. In no particular order, in the month of August I…

Had my first Rent the Runway experience. I’ve always wanted to try RTR, but it has never been top of mind. In fact, I would only think of it on the day of, when I would gaze helplessly into my closet and decide that I have absolutely NOTHING to wear to [insert event here]. This summer though, RTR was on the brain and when I got the invitation for my Uncle’s 60th birthday celebration surprise, I thought this would be a great, low-risk opportunity to try out the service. After looking online, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I’m in NYC and go into the Flatiron store location to try on a few things. I was thrilled when I found the perfect dress; not only for my taste and shape but also for the occasion. I received a million compliments and had a great experience with the service. My only complaint was that I couldn’t keep the dress (because I really did love it SO much).

rent the runway dress

Went to the MTV VMAs. Two years ago, I went to the MTV VMA pre-show and had an interesting experience being on the red carpet (and having a TV cameo – yikes!) with the likes of Katy Perry, 2 Chainz and 1D. This year, Becky came through for the win with two VIP tickets to the main show in LA for Leslie and me. Not to mention free hotel accommodations. I spent 5 days in LA soaking up the sun, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The show was…well, interesting. But you’ve probably heard all about it and Taylor’s squad, Nicki’s beef with Miley and Kanye’s crazy rant.

Signed up for Snapchat. SO behind the times on this one. Despite being asked to join for work purposes, it was actually the two 20-something year old girls sitting in front of me, snapchatting their entire VMA experience that made me want to join. I caved, got a 7 minute tutorial from Becky’s production assistant on how to use the damn platform and since then, I’ve been snapping on occasion. I have to be honest though – I really don’t get it and I’m not in love with it. Maybe it’s because I’m old and I feel like I’m in Snapchat’s amateur hour. But since I need it for work, I now have it. You can catch me at EmElleDub.

Scaled back on workouts. This one does not make me happy. Not one bit. But in an effort to give my aching foot a break, I scaled waaaay back from five workouts a week to roughly two. On a good week. I decided that if I were going to scale back, I’d choose one super efficient workout to focus on and do that until my foot is ready for normal activity. So, even though I luuuurve String’s Soul Cycle class and Todd’s FlyBarre class, I chose to do the Fhitting Room because it’s a low impact, HIIT-based workout that combines strength and cardio – and switches up every class. Not to mention that on Tuesday mornings I meet Katie, my workout buddy, there which holds me accountable. I’m still attending physical therapy and hope to be done in a few weeks but honestly, my foot (while better) doesn’t feel back to normal. #waaaah

Had another whack ass date. This OK Cupid connection was a complete and total doozy. While I was not super attracted to him, he seemed normal (relative term, I know), confident (which can make someone more attractive) and interested in me (extremely, important – duh). Even though I was excited about the date, I decided to give it a shot because like my best guy friend Nick says, dating is like training for a marathon and if I don’t participate in the practice runs, I will never be prepared for the real thing — which he likens to “the right person coming along.” Thankfully, the crappy date was in the beginning of the month, which gave me the time to cancel out the memory of that with many other cool things.

Saw Lenny Kravitz at Afropunk. Becky and I went to see our favorite DILF perform at the Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, he did not split his pants this show.

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  1. YAY!!! Finally an update… Loved it! I am so glad you had a wonderful end of summer! It truly makes a mom’s heart smile. 🙂 XOXOXO P.s. Snapshot… Ummmm… Can you explain? If you think you’re old I must be ancient, I totally don’t get it either! LOL!!! XOXOXO

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