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Sunday Funday!

Yesterday, was my kind of Sunday. Fun and productive.

It all started with Self Magazine’s Up and Out expo. The event, which highlights fun and/or cutting edge workouts throughout the country, had 11 different NYC-based boutique studios featured — from Barry’s to Flywheel to PureBarre to PlyoJam.

self up and out logo

They featured six different class times (3 morning and 3 afternoon sessions) on both Saturday and Sunday; and participants could sign up for one class for $30 or two classes for $50 (for each day). Thanks to my homegirl Kate, who’s company was managing the event, I got a snazzy promotional code to attend for free. YAY!

With so much variety, I wanted to try something different and decided to give CityRow a try. (I love rowing and have done it as a part of other workouts but have yet to attend a pure rowing class). Thankfully, my two friends Lisa and Melanie joined me.

city row logo

First we started out with some warm-ups and then Alex, our petite instructor with a rocking bod, provided some baseline instructions on proper form and techniques. Side note: She was a stickler about form preferring us to row slower if that meant we could “row pretty”. Additionally, I was impressed at the CityRow staff walking around the room checking on our form.

After practicing how to row, we began an interval workout. First, we set the rower for 50m and had to work as hard and fast as we could to reach 50m. Then, we worked on trying to beat our time through a set of 3 intervals. [My first two times were 11 secs and my last time was 10 – 1 second improvement is improvement!]

After that, we were told to take our time from 50m, multiply it by 2 and then set our rowers to 100m to complete a few intervals. I came in at 20 seconds all three times which is on par with my 50m row.

In between intervals, we were getting off the rower and doing low-impact body weight exercises (push-ups, squats, planks, etc) on the mat directly to the left of our machine.

Towards the end of the workout, we combined our rower and mat moves for four circuits of: 100m row, 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 tricep dips and a 30 second plank.

Because the music was blasting and we were constantly moving, the time flew by and before I knew it, the class was over. We did some deep stretching and then I left to meet up with some of my friends who had taken other classes. The verdict? I loved it. It was challenging, yet low-impact enough that my foot didn’t bother me at all. Additionally, it was a super efficient workout. I’d definitely do it again.

After class we walked around the expo a bit, where we got a bunch of freebies and took some pictures before we head to brunch. On the way out, we grabbed a free tote bag FILLED with full size samples of health and fitness products and coupons for free or extremely discounted classes of the sponsoring studios. Seriously, the tote deserves it on post. Haha.

girls in workout clothes

Next, I had brunch at The Grey Dog where I got a yummy breakfast, a hot cup of coffee and a great catch-up session with some of my fav NYC gals. I had to dip out a few mins early for a much needed hair appt, but I got to read my book on the subway (which I’m thoroughly enjoying) and thankfully by the time my hair was done, the rain, that had been lingering all week long had stopped and the clouds had lifted. Hooray!

When I got home, I did a few loads of laundry (including towels and sheets), and organized and walked down all the recycling before finally showering and settling in for the night with the roomie and Booker (my cousin’s dog who I’m pet sitting).

Booker loves the Canes!
Booker loves the Canes!
After ordering in dinner, we caught up on last week’s episode of True Detective and then watched the latest episode before I took Booker out for a walk and called it a night.

Such a great Sunday!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Funday!

  1. Looks like you had a pretty awesome Sunday! I am so glad you enjoyed it… Booker looks like he is pretty cute… I just wish the pic you captured showed his face. Any who… I had a nice and relaxing Sunday too. The highlight of my day was going to visit with my mother-in-law. During my visit, I was able to bring some sunshine to her day when I shared a picture of a 7 year old girl, who performed as Annie in a fashion show that I was hired to do makeup for on Saturday (the day before). She saw the picture of this little girl and her whole face lit up like a Christmas Tree, and she said that the little girl was cute. Immediately after, I showed her a small video clip that I captured of this same little girl singing the song… “The sun will come out tomorrow… bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, they’ll be sun… etc.” and low & behold my mother-in-law recognized that it was the same little girl and said that she can sing too. The sun was no longer coming out tomorrow… It had appeared at that very moment. Considering she has Alzheimer, I was elated to see that not only did she really enjoy my sharing the photo & video with her… But for those few moments, it appeared as if she no longer had Alzheimer’s; these types of moments are the ones I thank God for and cherish. With this, I would have to conclude that my Sunday was pretty awesome too!!! 🙂 Link to the Annie video clip:

  2. Finally catching up on your path 🙂 Do you hate this season of True Detective as I do?!?!? It’s just sooooooo much dialog and confusing.

    1. I missed last week’s episode so I’m a little behind but I agree. It’s sooo confusing. I read a wsj recap every week to help me decipher and understand wth is happening!

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