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The week of workouts that wasn’t

So last week I mentioned how I had loaded all my workouts into the back half of the week because of my crazy work schedule and business traveling. And I had all intentions of making my workouts until the big V hit. [Vertigo, guys! What do you think I’m talking about? Ha!]

Here’s what I had planned for last week.

  • Monday – OFF
  • Tuesday – OFF
  • Wednesday – Barre with Jessica (wear gym clothes on the plane, drop off bags and head straight to class)
  • Thursday – Barre with Kara in the am, Work 5K in the pm
  • Friday – Barre with Todd (and meeting my workout buddy Katie)
  • Saturday – OFF, in NJ for a sprinkle
  • Sunday – Barre with Leanne

I was successful with Monday and Tuesday, clearly … and then the wheels fell all the way the hell OFF the bus. I did wear my workout clothes on the plane home but (1) I still felt beyond wonky and (2) the cab line that greeted me at JFK was almost as long as the length of a marathon. And by the time I actually got back to my apartment, it was 5 mins before the class was due to end. I missed Wednesday…and Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I just didn’t feel 100% back to normal and I really did not want to push it. Basically, last week was basically a series of unfortunate events. Whomp, whomp. But I did make it Jersey for the sprinkle and it was great. I think my friend had a nice time and felt “sprinkled with love”.

And after all the excitement of the day and running around for the last few weeks constantly waking up to an alarm, something amazing happened. Saturday night into Sunday I slept 10 whole hours. TEN. That doesn’t typically happen unless I’m sick. But I did and it was glorious.

Today, I’m feeling on the up and up. I’m scared to death of the spins but given I’ve had two or three days of feeling semi-normal, I think I’m ready to get back to working out.

This week’s plan (and social calendar since it seems to be a busy week):

  • Monday – OFF
  • Tuesday – OFF
  • Wednesday – Barre with my boy Todd in the am (and Pitch Perfect in the evening – YAY!)
  • Thursday – Soul with Taye in the am with my coworker Charlotte
  • Friday – Unsure – may be a run at The Run?
  • Saturday – Barre with Brandon
  • Sunday – I’m booked for Barry’s Bootcamp with Abby bright and early before I head to Jersey to help my friend settle into her new home but I may change my workout to The Fhitting Room, BFX or Orange Theory (which was my JAM in Minneapolis and I’ve yet to try in NYC)…but I’ll see how I feel by Friday and decide then.

I’ll keep you posted on how things shake out. Here’s to a great week!

PS – Congratulations to the Sadlows! My favorite Southern Belle, Emily, found out that baby number 2 is a girl! Yay! <3

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