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I’d appreciate it if the room stopped spinning, k? Thanks!

The good news is, I got in all of last’s weeks workouts as prescribed. The bad news is, I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete this week’s. But why, you ask? Before I explain, here last week’s workout plan and how I stacked up.

  • Monday – Barre with Todd – CHECK!
  • Tuesday – OFF (I was in Atlanta for business)
  • Wednesday – Barre with Daniella (flight pending) or OFF – CHECK! I made it back and went to Barre.
  • Thursday – Barre with Kara – CHECK!
  • Friday  – Barre with Lane or OFF – OFF, since I made Wednesday’s class.
  • Saturday – Barre with Jessica – CHECK!
  • Sunday – OFF had a flight to San Fran for business

Total workouts: 4. Hence the good news.

But on the flip side, I’m struggling this week. For starters, given all the travel I’ve done in the past month (San Fran for a week, Texas for two consecutive weekends, Atlanta for a few days and now San Fran, again) juggling my workout schedule has been tricky. So this week my workouts are stacked in the back half because I don’t return home until tomorrow.

Planned workout schedule for this week:

  • Monday – OFF
  • Tuesday – OFF
  • Wednesday – Barre with Jessica (wear gym clothes on the plane, drop off bags and head straight to class)
  • Thursday – Barre with Kara in the am, Work 5K in the pm
  • Friday – Barre with Todd (and meeting my workout buddy Katie)
  • Saturday – OFF, my best friend’s Sin’s sprinkle (no one seems to know what a sprinkle is…lol)
  • Sunday – Barre with Leanne

Even jam packed, this would be a fine schedule but I have vertigo, y’all. And it sucks.

It just started today out of nowhere. I was working from our San Francisco office during the day waiting for my focus groups tonight when I just started feeling like crap. Sitting still nothing seemed to actually stay still. I felt dizzy and nauseous; and not like “I ate something bad” kind of nauseous. It’s like a bad hangover combined with spending all day riding rollercoasters at am amusement park on steroids.

I wish I could say I turned my head really quickly and all of a sudden feel dizzy, but unfortunately, I have no recollection of “the event” that caused it. One minute I was fine and the next, I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Sad face.


So here I am 3,000 miles away from home with the spins. I recall my friend Amber telling me about her husband experiencing bad vertigo and doing some non-traditional stuff to help, which coincidentally my biffers Kristin also did. Something related to crystals and re-alignment. So I did what anyone would do — I consulted my friend, Google. And sure enough I found this and this video. I tried it (head half hanging off my hotel bed, haha) and thankfully I feel a bit better — or at least well enough to come to the groups and even well enough to write this post. But one – I’m on the first thing smokin’ back to NYC tomorrow am and I’m terrified for my flight tomorrow morning (I will be taking Dramamine in hopes that it will help quell any symptoms) and two – I’m really bummed that if this doesn’t subside (quickly!) I will miss my workouts.

I know it may seem nutty that I’m even concerned with workouts when I feel like I’m in a rinse cycle, but this has become important to me and quite frankly, helps with my sanity. So here’s hoping my rolling around on the bed helps to stop my head from rolling.

Any tips to treat vertigo?

Am I crazy for wanting to work out when I can’t even see straight?

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