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It’s me, Mecca

Hiya! I’m back! 

The past few months have been a whirlwind; and while hectic at times, I have no regrets on thoroughly enjoying life’s moments as they’ve happened including: 

Running my first half marathon 

Amber & Erin’s St Lucia wedding   
My best friend Danyelle having a baby (while I have tons of pictures, I won’t share a pic of him on the interwebs)

A trip to PR with Sin  
A visit to Philly (Vivi moved – sad!)

A visit from Kendra  

Silly times with my girls:   

 A trip to Austin with Jen & Bri 
And let’s be honest, watching a lot of Dateline   
However, I suppose the biggest change since my last post is that I landed a new job. It was a difficult decision to leave Candyland because of the very unique culture and the deep relationships I’ve developed with my colleagues turned friends, but ultimately I walked out on faith and accepted a marketing role outside of consumer packaged goods (my life for forever). I’m still in marketing but took a (much needed) shift in industries. It’s been fun to learn new things and challenge myself in ways I wasn’t previously (probably because I had been doing it so long and felt burnt out). 


Second, I’m 34 now. I had a lowkey birthday by choice and spent sometime with my family. It was fantastic!     

birthday decorations at the office
my fav – cupcakes!
mom, aunt michelle, me
me and aunt dawn
me with my cousins

Third, I’ve started working out again more regularly and watching what I eat. Back in the day, on my quest to lose weight, I used to work out 6 days a week. I was probably the most fit I’d ever been and I lost 32lbs, which I kept off more than 2 years. However, upon entering business school my chronic urticaria and angioedema came back, causing corticosteroid use which makes putting on weight too easy. But if I keep it real, I can not place the entire blame on prednisone. I did myself no favors eating a bunch of southern flavored, deep-fried crap and drinking as if obtaining my degree was contingent upon it. In Minneapolis I did work out regularly, but ate like a pregnant cow feeding cow twins and since moving to NYC, it’s pretty much been the same thing. It’s a vicious cycle as I’ve always chose one or the other (eat better or workout) or neither. It’s been years since I’ve done both, which through experience I know works for me every. single. time. I’ll share what I’ve been doing in a separate post but I’m finally getting my mojo back and damn it feels good. 

It’s funny because those three things –changing jobs, becoming not only another year older but also wiser, and allowing this body to show me what amazingness it’s capable of — are all ways that I am living into my purpose and continuing along this path called life.    


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