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Lazy Bones

Have you ever had those days when you come home from work, immediately change into pj’s or comfy clothes, sit on your couch and veg?  Well that is definitely the kind of evening I’m having.  Actually, that is the kind of week I’m having.  Lazy bones.  Perhaps I’m storing up all my energy for the 10-miler I’ve got coming up on Sunday.

Thankfully, answering question number 7 of the Single Woman’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge doesn’t require much movement. So…

7) Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be

Welp, I wish I could say something diplomatic like, “I’m right where I’m supposed to be” or “I never imagined settling down before 30” but that would be a bold faced lie.  When I was in a pre-teen, I (actually) imagined that I would marry at 22 and have my first child at 23 (because I wanted to be a young Mom much like my own Mother).  Once I was in college, I realized how foolish that was and pushed that timeline back by (a measly) four to five years.  I say measly because hindsight is always 20/20.  That too was foolish knowing what I know now.  Now I know that no matter how much I plan or prepare for where I want to be in my life, when it relates to love, I have absolutely no control.  So, in the meantime, while I wait, I figure I’ll enjoy my life as best I can.  Enjoying my life has included traveling to fabulous places like Turkey and Dubai, starting (and completing business school), being the best auntie to the most amazing kiddies I could ask for, studying abroad in Argentina, taking a chance on Minneapolis and living on the UWS.  I don’t know if my life is where I thought it would be, however, I am grateful for where I am.

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