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In every sense of the word. It’s been a while since I’ve taken fingers to keyboard here but it’s with good reason. Here’s the quick update.

March: I came back from South America to the States and boy was I happy. There is no place like home. I spent some time in NJ and then returned back to Durham to finish my last term as an MBA student.

April: On the 2nd, I celebrated 31 years on this planet. It was thirty-wonderful. I also took my last class as an MBA.

May: It was surreal. After spending 21 months working my tail off, I graduated. It was such a wonderful achievement and I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to pursue and complete my dream. I celebrated some special moments with classmates, friends and my family when they arrived. I also moved, attended my girl’s bachelorette party in Vegas and another one of my friend’s weddings in LA. I saw some U of Miami peeps and had a blast.

June: I settled into midwest living in my new apartment. I also started working after 2 years off. I traveled yet again – this time home to NJ for my goddaughter’s birthday party and then to Chicago for my old college roomie’s wedding. Good, good times.

July: Here I am on the fourth of July. Alone because I’m sick with a cold but not lonely. While I miss my family and friends who are spread out all over the place, I feel a serene sense of independence and security. I don’t know if every decision I’ve made in the last year that has led me to this place and at this job is the right one, but I’m not worried either. That gives me peace.

Of course, now that I’m “settled” after two years of hustling and bustling, I am ready to begin thinking about adding someone special to my life. As that is something this type a person has no control over, I will just have to see where the wind blows.

Until then — Independent Me

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