Travel Schmavel

Holy crap.  I had no idea just how much I would have to do to prep for Argentina and I’m a tad overwhelmed. Good thing my “overwhelmed-ness” isn’t putting a damper on my excitement.

My to-do list looks a little something like this (let’s be honest, it’s not everything, but here’s the gist of the more important things):

  1. Pack – that in and of itself is an undertaking (and will most likely start on Wednesday)
  2. Set out of office/school email for
  3. Print my itineraries and information from Flor on company for case study
  4. Print school schedule
  5. Get [two months] prescription of daily medications – this was a friggin nightmare.  First, all my prescriptions are based out of a CVS in Durham. Problem? I’m in New Jersey and not returning to Durham until March.  However, it’s a universal computer system so CVS NJ should be able to see my prescriptions in their computer system and fill them locally, right? WRONG.  One script was expired (not their fault, I know), two scripts I needed two months supply for which called for several “delightful” conversations with the insurance company, and the other two scripts were new and “just in case” medications (i.e. Cipro which is anti-diarrhea medication just in case something in the new country doesn’t sit right on your tummy and a new Epi-pen because my current one expires while I’m in Argentina). So I had to be call my doctor at the Duke Student Health Center and my NC allergist to call in the scripts to the CVS Durham for me (with the intention of being transferred and filled by the CVS NJ).  MAJOR FAIL.  First of all, one script was missing in action for THREE whole days (I mean, WTF, did it just grow legs and walk out of the online system’s computer screen?), second of all, the scripts called into the Durham CVS were filled…in Durham, which call for them to be backed out (i.e. re-stocked in NC and then re-filled in NJ) and third of all, no one I talked to seemed to be able to get it right or help me.  However, I was bound and determined, so after five emails and four phone calls exchanged between my dcotors, seven phone calls over three days to two CVS pharmacies in two different states and speaking to eleven different CVS pharmacy personnel, I have all my prescriptions. Even the one that went “missing”.  (Back story: it was mistakenly filled in CVS Alpharetta, as in GA. No idea how in the world that came to pass but CVS Durham actually came through and located it.  That too had to be backed out and re-filled at CVS NJ).
  6. Buy a new swimsuit – in the words of the dudes from In Living Color, “hated it”.
  7. Find more (bermuda) shorts – um, can we talk about how friggin hard it is to buy shorts in the winter? First of all, I can’t stand shorts.  Despite living in Miami for several years, I hate shorts because I hate my legs, so I try very hard to compromise so I don’t sweat to death with bermuda shorts.  However, because it’s JUST the new year, I’ve only been able to find one pair I actually like.  Despite the fact that all winter clothes are on sale… (I mean, as an aside, one would think that all winter clothes are on sale to make room for the spring/summer stuff but I’ve yet to see anything really stocked for spring; which is so ironic because I feel like normally, they’d have spring stuff ready to rock December 26th. Call it Murphy’s Law, I guess).  Anywho, back to the bermudas… I know what you’re thinking…”Try online”. Well friends, I could do that but I don’t know what size I am as it changes store to store and I need bermuda shorts that make my butt look cute…so I’m going to continue to shop and pray I find a few more pairs that looks decent. If not, I’m hopping on a plane with one pair of bermudas and I’ll immediately have to go shopping for more in Argentina…
  8. Finish picking up toiletries (including tampons, face cream and contact solution) – while I’m sure I can get some of this stuff there, I have a system and I know what I like so I don’t want to risk not being able to get what I want/like
  9. Download a few books for the Kindle
  10. Purchase English/Spanish pocket dictionary
  11. Pay the remaining balance on our Argentinian apartment (which requires removing funds from one account and depositing into another to make an account to account transfer)
  12. Buy a new camera charger and power cord for upload (forgot mine in Durham – UGH)

As I mentioned, this is not exhaustive of everything I have to do but just a little taste…I know it will all get done and when I arrive in Argentina it will all be worth it but needless to say, I’ll be happy when I’m there and settled.

Now pack to tackling this list…

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  1. UM, you forgot to pack the most important thing… ME!!! 🙁 Keep posting updates, cant wait to hear about your time in South America. Don’t fall in love with the place too much and forget to come back! I would be heartbroken. 🙂 xoxo

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