Another mouse in my house. Third one since December. I live in an end unit in an apartment complex next to a field, but wtf!? I am so tired…literally and figuratively. Right now it’s 4:30am and I’ve been up since 3am. At around 4, the mouse graced me with its presence and ran along the walls of my room but when I screamed bloody murder he made his way out. Same thing happened last night. When we discovered we had a mouse last Thursday, I quickly packed my bags and stayed at Jon’s until Sunday. But this weekend we’ve both got other plans, so we unfortunately won’t see each other until Sunday or Monday…so I won’t be sleeping there and I refuse to call and wake him up (he’s been sick the last couple of days) to complain and cry about the mouse.

I feel like its maintenance’s responsibility to manage this problem, but of course those a-holes could care less if I’m not sleeping comfortably or at all. It just sucks. What it boils down to is that I am going to have to call a company and pay them to come and do something my complex’s maintenance team should be handling. Anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of these little suckers? I have a ton of traps (some with peanut butter) and those sonic sound things that supposedly bother mice, however, nothing has worked.

I’m so tired and I can’t live this much longer.

Oh, and while I’m complaining, blogger is officially on my $hit list. I still can’t load photos.

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