Greetings from Hawaii! I will keep this short because I have a lot of living (and by living I mean, sun bathing, eating, drinking and shopping) to do, but boy, oh boy, can I tell you this place is GORGEOUS. Honestly, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. So far:

1) I have been spent waaaay to much money on buying gifts for friends & family. Who knew(expensive) chocolate covered macadamia nuts were THE gift to give? 
2) I’ve been eaten alive by insects … well, my ankles have been anyway. Whatevs, so worth it.
3) I’ve been told by a local that my energy was “positive”, yet I had a sense of “longing”. Should I be concerned? What the hell does that mean? Could it be related to “he who’s name shall not be spoken” (the EX)?
4) Anna (best friend from the Chi) and I have managed to jacuz (yes, jacuz — we’ve made it into a verb) every day for at least 15 minutes. I mean, why not?
5) I’ve adjusted to the six hours time difference…(from EST). My friends and family back home? Uhhh, not so much. How many “Happy fourth of July” text messages can one receive at 4:32am? LOTS. 
6) Started and finished a 350 page book. Lots of laying-out peaceful, laziness going on.
7) Had at least one of my signature drinks once every night. Vodka soda, anyone? (Ok, not everyone’s drink of choice, but I like it because it’s clear, low-cal, and I happen to think it’s tasty with a dash of lime juice).  
8) Taken over 250 photos in 2.5 days. And I’m just getting started. 

Ok, off to jump in the shower for a rinse-off, then back to my standard uniform: bathing suit and cover-up. Hope you all had a safe and fun-filled fourth and are enjoying the long weekend! 


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